Birthday Girl

London | March 6, 1986

It is March 6th, the day after Paige's birthday, sometime around between 9 and 10 in the morning. Paige is just arriving home, a small overnight bag over one arm and her ballgown over the other. She's traded the ball gown in for black pants and a sweater. She heads straight to her bedroom, dropping the bag on the floor and draping the dress over a chair. Then without much additional thought she crawls into bed, and it is probably 5 minutes before the blonde is sound asleep. It's that deep sort of sleep you fall into when taking a nap after a long night.

Max, busying herself in the kitchen, hears the door open and quickly ducks to the floor. As Paige heads upstairs and closes the door to her room, Max pops up again. She checks the time and whistles to herself. Well lookie what the cat dragged in. She gives Paige a ten minute head start before grabbing a few items, then barrels up the stairs. Max bursts into Paige's bedroom with a bottle of champagne in each hand. She jumps onto the sleeping woman's bed, shakes up the bottles, then pops the damn corks. "HAPPY FUCKING BIRTHDAY!!!" she screams, showering Paige in expensive alcohol while simultaneously gyrating out a Mashed Potato-like dance.

"Oh holy fuck woman!" Paige shouts when Max lands on her bed and the champagne starts straying. It only takes her a moment to come out of the very brief sleep she was in, and she's quickly laughing, shielding her face from the champagne. She wiggles on the bed, trying to sit up and grab Max so she can pull herself up and jump on the bed with her because that seems like the most logical response. "Thank you," she continues to laugh, sticking her tongue out to lick some champagne off her lips. "I'm getting old though!" she fake-whines.

"Deal with it!" Max replies excitedly as she helps Paige rise to her feet. Just two pajama-clad women dancing on a bed, nothing to see here folks. They're not about to pillow fight or anything. At least not at this very moment. Max hands over a bottle and raises her own to cheers. "Here's to not getting OLD but oldER. Here's also to being independent, classy, sassy, strong ass women making it work every day." With a CLINK, she tilts the bottle back and takes a swig, spilling champagne down the sides of her mouth.

"You're so mean to me," Paige tells her, sticking her tongue out at her. She jumps with Max a few more times before reaching for the bottle for herself, part of which is already over her. Someone is going to need to shower later. Lifting the bottle though she brings it to her lips, tipping it back. "That I will drink to," she says even though she already drank and just drinks again before flopping back onto the bed. "I have you to thank for my sass," she teases.

"I do it cause I love you," Max quips before flinging herself backwards onto the bed. As she bounces, she once again sloshes champagne everywhere. Offering Paige a sheepish grin, "I'll clean everything I promise." Tipping the bottle back, she takes another messy swig, then sputters a bit. She sits up quickly, clearly having been too amped up this whole time to act like a grownup. "Okay so I was going to wait after cake- I made you cake- but I'm too damn curious and I can't stand it. WHERE THE FUCK HAVE YOU BEEN?" Paige had regaled her with the event plans for yesterday's evening, but then she didn't come home and that means one thing in this household. The grin on Max's face reveals that she may already know.

"You're lucky you're a witch," Paige tells her with a wink. It'll make cleaning much easier. "And that I was just barely asleep. Or I may have killed you." She lifts her own bottle, taking another long sip. She's still drinking when Max asks…no demands to know where she was. She grins sheepishly. "Well, I didn't realize it was an overnight dinner cruise. Stopping people from apparating home drunk. It was faaancy. I mean I have been to fancy parties, but this boat was amazing. You should have seen the library. So I slept in the lovely stateroom I was appointed." She pauses, giving her a look, even though there is a grin behind it. "Nothing happened."

Max listens intently with eyes as big as saucers. While there are many things she enjoys in life, gossip is high up on the list. Especially fancy important Paige gossip. For a while Max has been the only one coming home in the early AM, but this change of events has the girl practically effervescent. "Please tell me there was dramatic waltzing. Can't be a fancy party without your dress doing that cloud thing. You know what I'm talking about-" She holds her hands out all around her and does a half spinning motion. It's somewhat successful at getting her point across. "Wait a second. You slept over…and nothing happened? How does that work exactly? He didn't try anything? You shut him down?"

"Oh there was definitely dramatic waltzing. First I waltzed with an old man. Then Ronan cut in. He was kind of working after all. He's a pretty good dancer." She sips her champagne as an excuse for pausing before shrugging her shoulders. "I've only met him a month ago!" she claims in defense. "And no and no. It…wasn't like that. Oh I mean we did make-out out on the ship deck before some old people started getting uppity," she adds with a laugh. "And we were hanging out, I took a book from the library and was…reading something from it? It was really late though. And we fell asleep."

Max clutches her chest at the affirmation. "Fuck yes dramatic waltzing!" she squeals. It's not her proudest moment, but it deserves a squeal. Then there's something about old people and books and sleeping and Max furrows her brows. Well, that's a bit unexpected. "Paige. It's been a damn month. Can you sleep with him please? My heart can't take it anymore."

Paige laughs, shaking her head. "I will sleep with him when I am ready! Stop pressuring me," she teases, poking Max playfully in the side. She is clearly joking. "We've only been out like…5 times? I'm still getting to know him," she explains more normally. "It was actually really sweet. We snuggled. Oh of course I almost screwed it up, I woke up with a freaking nightmare. I thought he was going to bolt. He did not."

"I'm not pressuring you!" Max says, pressuring her. She giggles at the poke and swats back at Paige. At the mention of how many times they've been out, she dramatically rolls her eyes. "Need I remind you how many time I went out with Jonas before…you know. It was ONCE. ONCE, Paige." She stares at her friend and mouthes the word ONCE again for extra effect. "Ooh really?" she winces. "Was it a bad one? But that's good at least."

“But you knew him for years! I met Ronan super drunk at that Irish party. You know this. You were there. And we’ve only had a few proper dates. Some of those were like the plunge. Which you refused to join for,” Paige adds for good measure with a grin. “Mm. A bit yeah. They’ve been coming back since Paris. I mean not every night. Just sometimes? Kiiind of embarrassing though. But he was really sweet. You should meet him again when you’re sober. See if you still think he’s as cute.”

"I was blacked out, sorry. I sort of remember what he looked like…teeth, he had nice teeth. Right?" Max jokes and yet shrugs at the truth. "I know, I know. I'd do anything for you….just not that." She tilts her head, listening for a bit before squeezing Paige's shoulder. "I'm sorry, that's awful. I've had a few, but probably nothing compared to what you get." With a little sigh, she perks up. "Not like your dreams aren't important, but there are birthday plans that need to get started. I'm thinking we take Roxie sledding, then you and me get some dinner. What do you think?"

“Pretty sure you told me to bang me someone Irish? Or red head?” Paige laughs, also not entirely clear on what happened that night. She gives a little shrug after. “It’s okay. I’m used to dealing with them. Just not with someone there. But hey, he wants to see me again. Though, I think I might be torturing him slightly.” She grins though before nodding. “Yes. That sounds perfect. When do we leave? I should at least wash the champagne out of my hair,” she says with a grin. “I suppose I don’t get a nap, do I?”

"Yes Irish definitely. Keep it within our clan, please. Redheads…well I married one, so there's your answer." Max smirks at her. Playing a delicate balancing act, she slowly rolls off the bed with the champagne still in tow. "Knowing you, I bet you are. You jerk." All it takes are a few flicks of her wand to clean up the mess, but she finishes it off with ease. "Alright, because it's your birthday I will allow a nap. But you get two hours and that's it. A minute over and I sick Roxie on you. And she'd probably put gum in your hair or something, let's be honest. No one wants that."

"I will do my best," Paige tells her with a smirk. She gives Max an innocent smile. "I am not intentionally torturing him. He is also torturing me, so. Fair is fair." She reaches for her own wand, casting a charm on her hair before flopping her champagne-free head back on her pillow. "Two hours. I will be there with bells on. Thanks for my birthday wake up. Love you, lady." She blows Max a kiss before nestling back into her pillow and closing her eyes.

Max picks up the second bottle of champagne with a giggle and starts to back out of the room. "Love you too, woman. Two hours!" She exits and gently closes the door behind her.


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