Drinking Sports

London | March 10, 1986

A week or so after the Great Polar Plunge of 1986, Ronan has been invited to one of Paige's Quidditch games. He's been promised a friend to hang out with during the match and furthermore- nice ass seats. Well she definitely delivered. Ronan stands at the entrance to a luxurious private box at the Arrows vs Puddlemere match. The view is incredible and more importantly, there is an open bar.

Taliesin is already here with a whiskey in his hand and leaning against the bar like he owns it. "You see, if I have to be subjected to such barbaric displays of dominance, than I demand that I at least watch it in style." He says, waving to his new best with a sly grin. "I am here to support Paigey, but honestly, by the time they win, we will be too drunk to care."

Oh boy, Taliesin sure is a sight for sore eyes- even though he literally saw him last week. Imprinting sure is a bitch. Ronan's face lights up and he walks towards the bar. "Well thank God! Not like I'm not here as a supportive…" he tries to think of a word to describe himself…and fails. "Whatever. But it's great to see you! What are you drinking and can I get one?"

"I knew it, you missed me already." Taliesin says with a sly grin as he holds out the glass that he had waiting for Ronan. "I took the liberty in guessing your brand of Whiskey. I could be way off but if you hate it, it is an open bar and we are not paying the tab." When Ronan stumbles over his choice of word for himself, Tali smirks. "You are a supportive something, that is for sure."

And he had a drink waiting, what a lad! Ronan pats Taliesin's shoulder appreciatively. He takes the glass and holds it up for a brief cheers. "Let me tell you a secret," he takes a long sip and savors the choice, "there's really no such thing as bad whiskey." A team, or rather players, zoom by the window. Ronan peeks over and points. "A thing is happening. Are you a big Quidditch person? I…am when Paige is around." He grins sheepishly. "Don't tell her I said that."

"Straight from the mouth of the Irish!" Tali says as he clinks his glass with Ronan's . "I know the basics, I also know they can go on for days. But what's important is that we remember what Paige does so she knows we paid attention. Or she's going to ice our balls again."

"Agreed!" Ronan takes another sip and leans on the bar. "So, how'd you and Paige meet? Childhood friends or what?" His eyes glance over the selection of alcohol before them and he wets his lips in thought. "Also….up for shots?"

"We were at a fancy society fundraiser and I gallantry saved her from a gross handsy older not so gentleman. We hit it off ever since. She drags me put of the house and visits me when I'm writing to make sure I've eaten and showered. " when he mentions shots a wicked grin spreads over his lips. "That sounds like a brilliant idea. I am keeping you, my little ducking. "

Ronan bursts out a clipped laugh. "Sorry, that just sounds….so Paige. Of course she had some lecher after her. But good on you for being a decent person." Once shots are a go, he slams his hand on the bar. "Excellent!" Turning to the bartender, "Sir, we'd like a bottle of vodka please. And two glasses." He eyes Tali for a moment. "Vodka? Or Firewhiskey? We don't want to get TOO out of control, do we? Or DO we?"

"Indeed it does. I am occasionally a decent wizard, once in a blue moon." When he orders the vodka,Tali smirks. "Why don't we start with this, and we could make a bit of sport out of it. Anytime we have no idea what's going on in the game, we take a shot. " they're doomed.

"I like those odds!" Ronan laughs. Well, actually lack of odds since they are both now set down a path no one can return from. The bartender shakes his head, but ever the good sport, plops a high end bottle on vodka and two glasses in front of them. He graciously pours the first round. Ronan takes one of the glasses and takes a whiff. "Wooooo, smells like bad decisions! First one's free. Bottoms up, mate!"

"Remind me never to take you to a horse race." Taliesin says with a smirk as he watches his bad decision pour out of that vodka bottle. He raises it in a toast before he downs the first shot. With a wince he laughs throug his coughing fit. "Tastes great! I barely feel the burn!"

Ronan gulps back the shot and grimaces. Apparently no matter how nice a brand may be, vodka still always manages to taste awful. A hop, skip, and a time jump later- the men have actually lost count how many points, or negative points, the other has accumulated. All one really needs to know is that they have just cracked open a bottle of tequila, having emptied their precious vodka. “Tali!” Ronan barks. “Tali. I like you. You’re a helluva guy and I know I just met you but you’re the best. I can call you Tali, right?” Yeah, he’s wasted. No one said anything about Irishmen and vodka. Though, rather than being sloppy, his eyes are squinty and he grins incessantly. Only the mildest slur to his speech. “What did you do before you wrote books?

When tequila is added to the mix Tali actually gets more into the game and whoops some cheers for his bestie as she flies by. Maybe she'll hear him but when Ronan starts asking more questions he smirks. "You can call me Tali, it is easier on your poor little intoxicated tongue." Tali says pointing at his mouth before he shrugs. "I wrote for the Prophet, and I still do on occasion. My books started out as a weekly serial article so that's how I built my fan base. The rest is history."

"Yes…poor tongue." Ronan attempts to pour two more shots, but sloshes tequila everywhere. The bartender quickly snatches the bottle away and pours them out himself. Ronan quickly looks at Tali with a 'whooooooops' face, but knocks back the shot anyway. "Such a noble profession, writing. So did you ever sleep with Paige?" Yes, drunk scatterbrain.

That poor bartender. Still Tali smirks at his new friend and leans against the bar, to look posh of course, not because the room is spinning. "It's the noblest." He says letting his speech fall a bit. "With Paige? Nah she knows that the sex would be so amazing that she'd be ruined for every other man she meets. Besides, she want a all that mahogany business." He pauses before he looks confused. "Monotony? You know that thing where you can't shag other people, it starts with an M."

“You’re thinking of marriage.” ZING. Ronan cracks himself up laughing and almost falls off his stool. “Ok good cause I don’t think I’d be able to compete.” He swipes at the bottle but the bartender slides it just out of reach. Oooh, there will be a time out for someone soon. The crowd outside bursts into cheering and it looks like the match is over. Ronan’s eyes go wide for a moment. “Did we won? Are we win?”

"No no, it's not marriage its… Merlin it'll come to me." Tali says as he reaches for the shot glass and downs another one. With a loud 'WOO' he shakes his head and ruffles his own hair. When he hears the cheering he frowns. "Bullocks, I forgot to pay attention. Paigey is going to kiss us for not watching her." He pauses and shakes his head. "Wait no, she's going to kill us."

"Morphology? Wait. Monopoly? Mon….strosity…." Ronan makes a tiny roaring sound and uses his glass as a little godzilla, stomping across the bar top. He pauses to nod gravely. "Oh yeah, she's definitely gonna kill us. How long do you think it will take for her to notice that we didn't watch? I say two minute. No. I bet you two minutes. I bet you this bottle of tequila….that's not mine."

The game is indeed done, and the players have all landed on the pitch below, the Arrows seeker holding up the snitch. There is some team hugging and more cheering before the players disappear into the locker rooms. It's a little while longer though before Paige appears at their box, stepping inside the door, cheeks still flushed. Her hair is washed and piled in a bun on top of her head while it dries and she's in her Arrows jacket and matching tack pants. "So, how drunk are we?" she asks, eyeing the two men, though she's smirking over at them as she takes in the site.

Ronan rubs his face with both hands and looks up at Paige when she speaks. Still unsure if they won or not, he tries to play it cool. but also, drunk as hell. "Birdie! We're a little teensy. Teensy tiny. Tiny tipsy!" Good luck with that. "You were great! All those things and flying and stuff. Wow, what a game, right Tali?" He offers her a lopsided grin.

"Yes! You really quaffled that guy! Or beat him, you beated him off his broom. Much blood and points." Tali says with a smirk as Paige arrives. Turning quickly to Ronan, he makes an excited face. "Monogamy! That was the word I was looking for!"

"I knew putting you two in the same room with an open bar was a terrible idea," Paige replies to the pair with a shake of her head, she's still grinning though. "We won, by the way." She steps further into the room, her steps bouncy, and her smile stuck to her face. Someone has a small high from the game still. She reaches Tali first, planting a kiss on his cheek. "I didn't know you knew the word monogamy, dear," she tells him with an amused smirk before bouncing over to Ronan and giving the drunk man a kiss. "Just a teensy bit, yes, I see that."

"Yep! That's it!" Ronan taps his nose at Tali. "Why is monogamy so hard?" He's talking about the word, not necessarily the subject. When Paige kisses Tali first, he shakes his head. "Oi, I see how it is. Go for the more attractive one first. Us gingers are doing the best we can, ok?" But he shuts up once he's kissed and simply smiles. "Yay, we won! Want some tequila?"

"We won! Huzzah!" Taliesin cheers as he leans into the cheek kiss and gives her one back. "Oh hush, she actually songs you!" Tali runs his fingers through his hair and makes a sexy face before he laughs. " But yes I am the more attractive one." Looking at Paige he winks. " Oh I know lots of words darling, but I choose to not practice them all."

"I have to encourage him for showing up. You have to show up now, not as much choice as him to say no," Paige tells Ronan with a grin. "And you're both very handsome," she declares. "Tequila? Hm. I will do ONE shot. Then I'm taking you two hooligans home." Stepping over to the bar she asks the bartender for a shot, instructing him to keep it away from the boys, because clearly they don't need any more.

Ronan waggles his eyebrows at Taliesin, clearly super jazzed that he got Paige to take a shot. "Well if I have to come, so does he. I need a quid buddy." Or drinking buddy, same thing. "Can we stop and get pie first though. Imma need some pie." When does he NOT need pie? "Tali, wants some pie too."

"Why don't we go back to my flat, there is more booze and food that is already paid for. Besides, I have extra beds to pass out in." Tali says with a smirk and waggles his brows back at Ronan. "Yay! Shots! And Pie!"

"Sounds like a perfect, well actually terrible, but perfectly terrible plan." Paige shoots Tali a grin before reaching for her shot, and salt, and a lime. She reaches for Ronan's hand, lifting it to her lips to lick the hook between his thumb and pointer finger before pouring some salt on it. She reaches for her shot, holding it carefully before pulling his hand towards her mouth and licking the salt off then quickly knocking the shot back. She shudders, making a terrible face as she dives for a lime, sticking it between her teeth and sucking on it. "Alright, lets get some pie. Do I need to apparate your drunk asses or are you capable?"

Ronan stares at his hand as Paige uses it as a salt receptacle. His mouth gapes a little, clearly too drunk to think nice thoughts at the moment. When she finishes her shot, he wipes his hand off on his jeans and smiles at Tali. It's a sort of "did you see what just happened to me" smile. Yet pie brings him back to Paige. "Tali's! Apparate me. Please."

"Okay, that's not fair." Tali says as he watches that exchange and shifts in his chair. When she asks if they need help apparating Tali gets to his feet takes a step than stumbles and fall a in his ads with a burst if laughter. "Nah.. take me drink I'm home!"

Paige just grins at the two before reaching out and grabbing each of them by the arm. She tugs the drunk men towards her so everyone is well accounted for before apparating them out and to Tali's place. The house elf lets them in, probably with some rolling of his eyes, but does get them all sorted with some food, including pie. And eventually beds and sleep follow.



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