Early Morning Run-Ins

London | February 16, 1986

It’s early-ish morning at the Rothschild Manor and Max is snuffling around the kitchen for breakfast. For being in a house that’s not her home, she seems pretty comfortable milling about. Her hair is up in a messy bun and overall it seems that she’s still in yesterday’s outfit.

Seraphine is up early today, thanks to spending last night curled up next to her in room fireplace with a book. So she didn't need hangover potions this morning to get her out of bed. She is dressed for work with a black pencil skirt, white button down shirt and her MAC robes over her arm.
She's slightly surprised to see someone else up this early, and it takes her a secoond to recognize who it is. "Oh, Hullo. Are you looking for the tea?"

Max jumps when she hears another voice. Clutching her chest, she laughs in shock. “Hi, wow sorry. I did not hear you walk up.” She looks slightly embarrassed but quickly pulls herself together. “God yes. Would you mind showing me? Also, good morning!”

Seraphine flicks her wand at the kettle to get it started before she opens up a neat by cabinet. "He doesn't keep it in an obvious spot, honestly it would make sense to have it next to the kettle, but I'm not one to mess up his process." She pulls out various tins of tea for her to look over before giving her a half awake smile. " It was Max right?"

When Sera pulls out the tins, Max lets out a sigh of relief. “Hadn’t checked there yet,” she laughs. Studying the tins for a moment, she decides on the pretty standard earl grey. “Yep, that’s me! You’re Sera? What do you do at the ministry? Those are some official looking robes there.”

"I still don't know where he keeps the biscuits, I've given in and started hunting for them with magic." She admits as she picks a random tea tin and prepares her cup of tea. "Seraphine, but most people shorten it. I'm an Oblivator, it's an interesting job nut these robes are hardly official. I have to keep normal Muggle clothing underneath in case I need to do my job."

“Seraphine it is. I didn’t realize Jonas had shortened it, sorry.” Max smiles and follows suit in making tea. She perks up at the fancy job title. “Woah, I don’t think I’ve met an Obliviator before. I’ve met some ministry folk, but I’m always at awe. I do nothing nearly as interesting. How do you like it?”

"Oh it's fine, I don't mind it really. My mother likes pretentious names and I think she's in a contest with her sister to see who can give the longest name to their child. So far she's winning." Seraphine smirks before she shrugs her shoulders. "I am a Slytherin facinated by Muggle things. So aside from Misuse of Muggle Artifacts there wasn't an easier path for me than this. It's a weird job to like, but I do. What about you? What is your less interesting job?"

“I totally understand you on the name front. My full name is Maddox Coriander. Coriander is a spice, mind you. And Maddox was my great grandfather’s name. What’s that about, right?” Max laughs. Her eyes widen at the mention of Muggle things. “ME TOO! Especially technology. I can’t help buying things just to mess around with them. Their culture is so mesmerizing, I absolutely love it! And this is going to sound dumb but for the past three years I’ve just been raising my daughter. I’ve had…” she tiptoes around the word, “Family savings helping me out. But I’m definitely ready to start working full time now that I can leave her with my parents.”

"I feel as if parents rarely think about the repercussions of a child's name." Seraphine sighs, sympathizing with the woman as she takes her tea cup to the small breakfast table. "I don't tinker with the muggle items but I love how portable their music is. I like the idea of having it with me all of the time." When she hears what her job has been she nods her head. "I know that's hard to do. My father had to single parent me and I defiantly didn't make it easy."

"Right! Their tech is getting smaller and smaller every day. Do you ever feel like, and this is totally crazy, but like Muggles have their own Muggle magic we know nothing about? Have you heard of a microchip? It's something out of a fantasy novel, I swear!" Max follows Seraphine to the table, but still leans against the counter. "Yeah, it's not great all the time but I think its better than…a mine worker. Or something ridiculously difficult like that. Where was your mum, if you don't mind me asking?"

"If only their technology and our magic worked together better. Sure we have the wireless, but honestly there is so much more we could do together." It's not very Slytherin of her, but Seraphine sighs as she sips fher tea. "I've heard that they're devices are getting smaller and smaller. Their… 'computers' used to be the size of a room, now they can fit on a table. It's unheard of!" When she is asked about her mother Seraphine frowns. "My mother has a short attention span when it comes to her romantic life." She begins. "She married my father right out of Hogwarts, probably because she was already pregnant with me. Needless to say it wasn't a happy marriage, but she started seeing my father's best mate behind his back. So when she gave birth to a son that looked nothing like my father, they divorced. So it was just the two of us, and my grandparents of course until I went off to Hogwarts."

"Yeah, that's my sentiment exactly!" Max smiles at Sera, enjoying the hell out of their conversation. "We could probably change the world for the better but instead here we are. Pretending like the other doesn't exist. It's a wasted opportunity, if you ask me." Noticing the frown, Max winces a little. "Sorry about that, I shouldn't have asked. It was rude." Yet as she hears the rest, a look of hope washes over her face. "And you don't hold it against your father, right? You didn't grow up thinking less of him?" Max's tone of voice reveals she's thinking about her own future with her daughter.

"Well people with long beards made the decision centuries ago that it was better to hide. As much as I would love to share out advances with eachother, there is a darker side to the things that Muggles do to those who are different. Its that risk that keeps me employed." When Max looks bashful about the question she shakes her head. "It's an honest question, I tend to be very brusk about the answer and that usually puts people off. I didn't take any offence." She smiles before picking up her tea again. "That's a complicated question for me. I don't think less of him for leaving me with my grandparents when he needed to work or grieve the end of his marriage and the loss of the son that wasn't his. I can't begin to understand what pain my mother put him through. He did what he needed to do to help us survive and it worked." She pauses before she smirks before speaking again. "However I think less of him for marrying another woman because he got her pregnant. While it hasn't been as bad as the first time, I had hoped he learned his lesson from his first marriage."

“Yeah I guess you could say that.” Max agrees. She seems a little disheartened by it, but nevertheless smiles at Sera. “What a time to be alive, eh?” At the woman’s admission, she nods along. “I didn’t want to piss you off on our first chat,” she laughs. “Ah well, I was empathizing pretty strongly until that last part. I, for one, have learned my lesson. But I was also the one giving birth and those things stay with you. For a long, long time.” She shudders.

"I'm sure it would not be as bad now as it was in earlier decades. Still, I think many wizards fear that our powers would be used to fight muggle wars and we have our own to worry about." Still she shrugs her shoulders. "You haven't, so don't worry about it." She says and it sounds like she means it. "Like I said, it's complicated. Objectively, it is a better marriage than the one to my mother but, it was still rushed. Perhaps he would have felt different if he had to go through birth himself." She says with a laugh.

“Tell me about it. We’ll all self destruct way before we learn to collaborate. Still, a girl can dream. If I sound a little ‘peace and love’ it’s because I just spent a few years in The States. A little bit of a traitor I guess.” Max shrugs, nonchalantly. Now that it’s properly cooled, the tea is gulped down. “I gotta head out and pick up my little squirt, but it was actually a pleasure getting to talk to you for a bit. We should hang out and go to a computer store or something, sometime. If you want?”

"I've always wondered what would have happened if we didn't go into hiding." Seraphine says thoughtfully. " I'm sure greater minds have pondered that and came up with various answers." When Max says she's about to leave Sera smiles at her and nods enthusiastically. "Oh I would love to go to a muggle computer store! Just drop me an owl and we'll find some time."

“Awesome! I’ll make sure to set that up then. And we can plot out what kind of alternate history this world could have had if we were in charge.” Max laughs and takes her teacup to the sink, splashing a little water in it as a half assed attempt at washing. Jonas will probably take care of that anyway. “Have a good day at work today!” She offers a little wave and starts to head off towards the front door.


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