French Fireworks

Paris | February 5, 1986

It is the middle of the week, just into February, and there is a function being hosted in Paris for some of the top modeling agencies. Paige normally skips this event for lack of time, but it seemed like the perfect opportunity for Max and Paige to escape from London for a few days and turn it into a girl's trip. The event is full of lovely people, everyone dressed exceptionally well. And Paige is no exception. She's wearing a gorgeous gold dress that reaches the floor, her hair curled and pinned to one side so it hangs over her shoulder. Paige is standing to the side of one room holding a champagne flute which she sips at occasionally. She was just speaking with someone, but that person has wandered off and she's using this time to survey the room.

This was the culmination of months of preparation. Georgeo Franco, agent to the stars, had been flagged as a person of interest and You Know Who sympathizer during the war, but the old man was wily enough to escape the country when the heat grew too hot, and clever enough to hide his goings on behind a number of disposable employees and faked companies. Still, the Ministry found a weak point in his armor; his newest talent acquisition. Esmerelda was young, and undeniably fickle. The party was being thrown to celebrate her latest campaign, one of the largest Georgeo had managed to oversee. And she, notoriously, had a thing for bad boys. Cue Hyde. He is dressed up today, in a smartly tailored dark blue suit, which his hair slicked back. He arrives a little bit late to the party, carrying a small bouquet of flowers, and thought theres a bit of a hold up at the door, it is quickly resolved when Esmerelda runs up to him and throws her arms around him. He is dragged into the room by the other model, who is eager to show off her latest boy toy to her model friends.

Paige takes a small sip from her champagne flute, eyeing a tray of indistinguishable fancy appetizers, trying to figure out what they may be. In the end she waves the waiter off, opting to skip the strange dish. She happens to turn towards the entrance just as Hyde enters, though she notices the model and her date she looks past them at first. She of course knows Esmerelda in passing as two models both well-known might, but not well. It only takes her a moment to look back and do a double-take though. She blinks her blue eyes, staring in his direction. Slowly and rather casually she starts winding her way closer, just to see if her eyes are playing tricks on her or not.

Max appears, having just returned from the ladies room. She is dressed to the nines, wearing a spectacular emerald green gown with a bit too much cleavage for her taste. For anyone who knows her, it is evident that Paige has dressed her tonight. Max seems flustered and mildly uncomfortable. "How the hell do you pee in this thing? It's so goddamn tight!" She a precious flower, she is. Her hair is up in a beautifully braided updo. Also Paige's doing. As a waiter passes by, she snatches a glass of champagne from his tray and follows after her friend. "You said Paris, I thought food. You meant fancy thing. Thanks a bunch." She's joking, but deep in there lies a heap of self-consciousness at being the one non model in the room.

Hyde knows his place – stand slightly behind the person he's escorting, look broody and attractive, occasionally answer a question or two directed at him. It's dull work, honestly, but the Auror doesn't mind – it makes it easier for him to accomplish his primary objective. He had managed to get a magical copy of the Guest List in that kerfuffle up front. He is watching the place carefully, taking note of all the individuals interacting with Georgeo. And, all while being able to eat as many far-too-fancy finger dishes and champagne flutes. He's finishing off his second flute of bubbly as he is shepherded away by Esmerelda, who had caught sight of Paige and made a beeline to her. "Paige – oh Paige, 'ow wonderful to see you!" The younger model simpers, beaming. Her eyes quickly scan over Max, but not knowing the other woman, decides a fleeting smile is the only appropriate response. "How have you been? Who are you – how do you say – here with?" Behind her, Hyde has finally noticed Paige – and more importantly, he has noticed that flicker of…something in her eyes. Crap – she recognized him. A litany of protocols ran through his head, and he knew he had to act fast, so he stepped forward assertively, a casual smile on his face. "Hey, there." His accent was American – not perfect, but probably good enough to fool anyone who hadn't been among the Americans for extended periods of time. "I'm Finnick – Finnick Sampson. Sorry to intrude – but, you look very familiar to me…Correct me if I'm wrong, but…quidditch, maybe?" He holds out his hand to shake with Paige, then with Maddox. "You ladies look lovely tonight."

At Max’s return Paige laughs. “You have to perfect the wiggle,” she tells her with a slight wiggle of her own hips to show her what she means. “Don’t worry when this is done we will go to a place not far from here and you can eat until you can’t move anymore,” she tells her with a wink. She is about to say more when Esmeralda spots her. There is a “damn” that slips out directed at Max before Paige turns to the younger model. “Esmeralda,” she smiles. “Yes, you too. I have been very well, thank you. I hope the same with you.” At the question she gestures to Max. “I’m here with my best friend, Max. Best date in the place, if I do say so myself.” Her interest turns quickly to Hyde though. Or Finnick as it were. There is plenty flickering across her features but she smiles. “Finnick did you say? It’s nice to meet you. And yes, I play for the Appleby Arrows in England. Paige O’Calahan.” She gives his hand a shake. “This is my friend, Max McLaren.”

"Yessss!" Max delicately punches the air at the thought of food. As they come upon the two new guests, she stands up straight and puts on her best model face. Pout. Look bored. Check. As she's introduced, she smiles politely. "Hello, what a pleasure it is to meet you both." When she hears Paige's compliment, her facade cracks and she beams. "I'm not in the business. I'm just arm candy," she jokes. "Like you." The last part is said towards Finnick.

Esmeralda seems to be watching the interaction between the group and Hyde very carefully, and it is only thanks to Hyde's exemplary Auror training that the young man can keep from sighing in an aggravated fashion. Once the handshakes are through, he steps back, placing a calculated hand on the small of the woman's back in a bid to placate her. "Arm candy indeed!" He laughs, smiling to Max, cool and charming as ever. "I must say, you do it way better than I. And yes! The Appleby Arrows, that's right! Heh. It's funny. Memory is such a…fickle thing." Those last words seemed to be loaded with hidden meaning. The other model was indeed placated, but she seems to be ready to head elsewhere. "Excellent, excellent. Well, there are some other guests I must greet – but please enjoy the party! Finnick, dear," She held an arm out for Hyde, and the man obliged. As she steered him off to another group, he gave one final, searching look over his shoulder to Paige and Max. He needed to know what they suspected.

“You’re much better than my usual arm candy too. You also make me laugh,” Paige teases her friend. Especially because Paige normally just goes to these things alone. Arm candy is so much work. Turning back to Hyde she tilts her head just slightly to the side. “Isn’t it though?” She replies to his comment about memory. “Yes, of course. Lovely to see you,” She says to the other model. The woman watches them walk away so she’s still looking when Hyde turns around. She arches her eyebrows at him, meeting his look very directly before turning to Max and grabbing her arm, tugging her in the opposite direction as she leans in to whisper something to her friend.

Max takes a stiff bow, mostly because she can't really move in the dress. "Why thank you," she replies to Finnick before turning to Paige and winking. "I'm glad I can entertain as well as impress." As the two strangers depart, she waves a little. "Who was—" then she's pulled away by Paige. Leaning in, she listens intently then looks back at the man with a 'what the hell' expression. "You're sure about that?" she asks Paige incredulously.

The party progresses as these things normally do, with stiff laughter and even stiffer drinks exerting their influence over those present. At some point during the evening, Hyde was able to extract himself from his date, and though this opportunity would have been normally used to tail his actual target, he found his attention was rather divided. Max and Paige didn't seem to have blown his cover just yet, judging by the lack of dramatics that the models seemed prone to. He weighed the option of simply letting the moment be and hoping that things would turn out for the best. But he had never been a betting man, and leaving the future of his operation to the various whims of the universe seemed a poor decision. So that's how he found himself slowly sauntering to Max as she stood by one of the finely decorated tables with their finely decorated food. He moves casually, pretending to eye his options and picking some pastry at random, before he just 'happened' to notice the other girl. "Oh, hey! Some party, huh?" He offered amicably enough, before popping the pastry in his mouth. "This is great, but I'm not going to lie – I really wish there were some chips to munch on."

Max, having not eaten all day in order to fit into Paige's dress, is now standing by the buffet table. She eyes some sort of vegetable in the shape of a rose. "God, what do these people eat?" she mumbles under her breath before jumping back, startled. "Sorry! You snuck up on me there." Now armed with the knowledge laid down earlier, she crosses her arms defensively. "Yeah…some party." Her tone is flat. "What was your name again?"(edited)

Hyde arches a brow at her obviously defensive manner, though he is able to bite back the groan of frustration that wants to escape. Well, that certainly clarified the situation. He took a moment, eyeing the other woman carefully as he considered his options, before flashing her a quick smile. "Finnick. And you were…Max, was it?" His shoved his hand in his suit pocket, before taking something out – something that looked like a carton of cigarettes. "I think I could use some fresh air. Would you like a drag?"

Max gives the man a good once over and then releases her tight posture. "Yeah, Max," she replies suspiciously. Yet even though Paige has her on high alert, the thought of not being in a room full of gorgeous women sounds enticing. "Fine. After you," she motions towards the door and follows him out.

Hyde leads the pair coolly to the front door of the giant open loft, making sure Max is with him as he moves. He moves out to the side of the building, in a well lit nook some ways away from the hustle and bustle of the party, but still within eyesite of the door. He selects his cigarette carefully, plopping the butt of it between his lips before offering her her pick of the bunch. Whether she accepts one or not, he tucks the pack away, and moves to light his and possibly her cigarette by snapping his fingers and making a small flame appear above his thumb – a neat little wandless parlour trick. He takes a few wordless drags of the nicotine, his dark eyes focused on the city bustling around them, deliberately not on Max. "So, you going to tell me what's up, or what? You seem tense."

A smile flicks onto Max's lips as he lights the cigarette. There's something she hasn't seen before. She pulls one out of the carton and graciously nods as he lights it for her. It's been ages since she smoked, but this is France after all. That and she wants to look cooler than she actually is. Instead of taking a puff, she holds it between two fingers. "Paige told me your name isn't Finnick. And that she knows you from school. So how about YOU tell me what's up. Liar." She brings the little white stick up to her lips and takes a long inhale for effect.

"Huh. Did she now…" Hyde mumbles thoughtfully around the cigarette, taking his time before responding. Well, crap. He leaned back against the building the party was being held in, staring out to the Parisian skyline. "Well…" He began cautiously, at length, dropping his serviceable American accent to his usual British fare. "…Have you ever felt, I dunno. Out of place. And wanted to be someone else for a change?" His wistful, but calculated words followed him turning his dark-eyed gaze to her. "Paige…wasn't wrong. My name isn't Finnick. It's Hyde."

Through pursed lips, Max blows smoke out into the night. She watches Hyde curiously and smirks when his accent changes. Relaxing ever so slightly, "Yes, all the damn time to be honest. What does that have to do with anything? Hyde, is it? Are you about to tell me that you're a super spy on a mission to save the world?" Laughing lightly, she flicks ash off the cigarette.

Hyde lets out a short bark of laughter, trying to hide the suspiciously guilty expression from his face. "I…heh, yeah, that'd make for one hell of a story, eh?" He might have been admitting a lie, but that didn't necessarily mean he had to give up the whole truth just yet, did it? After all, he'd be a particularly terrible secret agent if he just went around everywhere, spilling his identity and purpose to every pretty face he happened across. "No, I'm regrettably more pedestrian than that. I…" A pause. "Will…you judge me if I say I was intimidated by a room full of models and agents and paparazzi, and that I just wanted to impress a girl?"

Max shifts her weight, tilting her head to the side in thought. She takes another drag of the cigarette before tossing it to the ground and eviscerating it with her stiletto. "I wouldn't judge you…." she remarks quietly. "They were making me uncomfortable as well. But I guess it wouldn't be unlike a man to lie about his credentials for a woman." Huzzah! His lie slips right past her. "Alright, I'm sorry for being so strung out. How did you meet Esmerelda, anyway?"

Paige had been dragged off somewhere, much to her chagrin. She has managed to extract herself though finally and is searching for Max so they can get out of here and go find some real food. When she spots Max and Hyde outside she stops a moment, watching the pair briefly before stepping out into the cool air herself. “Isn’t the point of coming outside for fresh air,” she teases, gently scolding at the smoking. She stays near the door, leaning casually against the frame. “Interrogating my date, are you?” she asks Hyde with a slight smirk. Despite her whispers to Max earlier she doesn’t seem so much defensive, but rather cautious.

The way to lie effectively is to bend reality, not break it. Hyde's assertion is close enough to the truth the be believable – he certainly did lie to the girl to get his invite to the event. Just, not to get into her pants, which one would assume would have been the obvious reason why. He is skilled enough to look chagrined, as though slightly embarrassed by the revelation. "Yeah…well…we all do crazy things to get attention, don't we?" He blows out a steady stream of smoke away from Max, feeling rather pleased with his intervention, and as he turns to possibly suggest they go back inside, he notices Paige approaching. Ah…well, the game is afoot, still. "Everything is relative; this is considered fresh air in Paris. And me? More like she's doing the interrogating." He argues with a wry smile, his usual British drawl back to normal. "I had to say though, Paige. It's…well, frankly, it's quite flattering that you remembered me." Flattering, perhaps, but not too surprising. Paige might have been two years older than Hyde, but the dark-haired man was a rather memorable boy – memorable for being particularly anti-social, severe, and grumpy – especially for a Hufflepuff. He pulls out his carton of cigarettes, holding it out to the woman in case she would like one. "What gave me away?"

Max breathes a sigh of relief when she lays eyes on Paige. "Oh thank God,! What happened to you?" She surreptitiously rolls the squashed cigarette into the dirt with the toe of her shoe. Hopefully Paige hasn't noticed. "So tell me," she says, deflecting. "You're BOTH Hufflepuffs? Damn was I in the wrong house or what?"

Paige laughs. “I suppose you have a point there.” She’s referring to the idea of fresh air. “One of the agents trying to convince me to switch to his agency,” she explains briefly to Max. If she sees Max putting out her cigarette she doesn’t say anything, though there might be a look. Just a small one. “Well as a Prefect and Head Girl, you made it difficult for me not to,” Paige jokes. “Sullen trouble-maker you were.” She is teasing now though. “And obviously, Max. Hufflepuffs have way more fun.” She waits a moment before coming back to Hyde’s question, surveying him a moment. “Your expression actually,” she tells him after a moment. “I wasn’t positive it was you at first, but…” She shrugs. “So, date I ask why? Or have you already explained to Max? And really, American?” She grins at the last bit, joking.

Hyde quirks his brow, giving a sort of half-shrug as he concedes to Paige's points. "I guess so. It's funny; I'd forgotten until now what an overachiever you were." Head Girl, quidditch star, model; what didn't Paige do? Behind them, there seems to be a little bit of a discussion at the door to the private engagement, but it doesn't seem to be anything too out of the ordinary. Just a couple fellows giving the bouncer some trouble. "My…expression?" He paused, looking quite thoughtful, before he shuffles on his feet uncomfortably and rubs at the nape of his neck with his free hand. "I dunno. Chicks seem to dig Yankee accents, I guess…" Fooling Paige was more difficult. Paige actually knew him once upon a time; knew him well enough to pick him out of a sea of gentlemen dressed in identical suits. It would stand to reason that she would know him well enough to recall that; while not impossible, the idea of him lying to try and impress a girl was laughably out of character for the man. From inside the party there is a muffled boom. Then a louder boom. Suddenly, there is screaming.

“Only child syndrome?” Paige suggests as a reason for her over achieving. She glances back towards inside at the commotion, clutching almost unconsciously the small purse at her side. Though she looks back at Hyde. “I don’t remember you having trouble getting girls back in school. Or has your bad boy charm worn off?” Her tone is slightly teasing on the surface but she is certainly surveying him carefully. “Perhaps…” She begins but the boom makes her turn and suddenly she has her wand out, which she pulled from her purse in a swift movement. “Oh bloody hell.” She turns, looking at Max. “Stay here,” she tells her friend firmly, a very over bearing protective mother bear vibe to her words. Though she is clearly not talking about herself though because screaming and booming is just calling her name and she turns back around to look through the door, wand at the ready.

Max opens her mouth to add a quip but the sequential BOOMS shut her up. She pulls her wand out of the back her dress, unfortunately the only place it would fit. It did help with her posture this evening, but that’s neither here nor there. “What the hell was that?” At Paige’s comment to stay back, she nods. Max excelled at Muggle Studies But not much else. “Be careful!”

Instinctively, Hyde turns to the sound of the explosions, and he pulls his wand out with practiced ease. While alarmed, he doesn't look particularly surprised. "Fuck. No – wait, Paige, don't!" It's too late. The woman's already run towards the danger, drawing another string of particularly powerful curses from the wizard. He puts his wand up into the air, mumbling an incantation that sends out a flare of colors high into the air – a distress signal, disguised as fireworks from the muggles. "Hitwizards should be on their way here – make sure you're well hidden, and use any and all defensive spells you know to protect yourself. And DON'T," he punctures his instructions with a glare to Maddox, hoping that that would make her listen, "go inside, whatever you do!" This is easier said than done, because soon afterwards there is another massive explosion, some ways down the wall they're currently at. Bricks and rubble rains down, and people in fancy dresses and heels start pouring out of the small opening, eager to escape the violence and chaos within. That's where Hyde runs. Inside, most of the party-goers have either hit the floor or run away. There seems to be a group of three wizards in dark robes who are the aggressors, caught in a fight with the security detail of the establishment. Tables have been upended, being used at cover. And there is one person, one rather portly man, lying motionless in the middle of the commotion. Hyde summons another table, using turning it to its side to add more cover to their new exit as he tries to usher innocents away.

It's definitely too late and the response is too ingrained in Paige for her to do much about it. "Stupefy!" she shouts, sending the spell flying in the direction of the wizard causing the issues. She throws up a protection spell when the first few curses come her way, darting to the side. She sends a stream of spells towards the man, all spells to try to subdue him rather than hurt anyone. One of the curses flying does end up hitting her arm, burning her skin. She hisses in pain, but doesn't stop, sending a spell over her shoulder as she ducks behind a table near Hyde.

"Hidden, got it! But Paige is in there and I don't know who you are so…." Max states. She is certainly not one to be left behind. But she also values her life, so the first thing she throws up is a disillusionment charm to avoid becoming the next target. She kicks off her shoes and shoves them deep into her bag- revealing another fun spell allowing more room to the small clutch. Following behind Hyde, she crouches close by him as the table goes up and Paige joins. She notices the burn on Paige's arm. "Are you ok? Shit, we're going to have to get you to a hospital."

Paige is there – which is good. Max follows him in the building thought – and that's bad. "You," Hyde hisses, shooting her and Maddox both a sharp look. "You need to get out of here!" They don't have time to fight about this though, not when there's an actual fight underway, so Hyde glances around the room to soak in the environment. He notices that one of the three assailants is beneath a large chandelier, so peeking above the table, he quickly casts a "Reducto!" to break the chandelier's chain and send the mass of metal and crystal down on the unsuspecting wizard – the wizard who had been too busy deflecting spells from his purpose to pay any mind to a spell that would fly by him. He crumples under the weight of it, leaving two others to go. This draws attention from the remaining men, though, and they quickly cast set fire to the wooden table that they were using for cover, the flames consuming the structure and making it as dangerous as they are. "If you're going to be here, get everyone else out, then! C'mon, MOVE!" Hyde calls out, standing to his feet and channeling a protego to buy Paige, Maddox, and whoever else was behind the former table some time.

"I'm fine. Just stay behind here," she tells Max. Paige is basically ignoring Hyde completely. She doesn't know him, and certainly doesn't trust him after getting the false name earlier. She does watch him aim for the chandelier, popping up after him and trying to use that as an advantage to shoot a few spells at the offending people. When the fire starts though she looks to Max. "Go, go, follow him out." She shoves Max lightly in the direction of the exit, wand still out and ready. One of the men who helped set the fire is working on making his escape as well, though not without adding tot he damaging they are leaving behind. To the side where people, including Hyde, Paige and Max, are escaping, there is a column against the wall. He shoots a 'reducto' towards it causing it to explode and collapse. Paige sees the man firing a rapid stunning spell over her shoulder before looking towards the exploding column. JHyde is of course nearby and Max is just in front of Paige, and the explosion is just starting. "PROTEGO!" she bellows, casting the spell on her friend rather than herself. Which means of course that while she's protected by Hyde's spell on one side from the fire, the edge of the explosion catches her, blowing her back, bits of the column tearing into her one side before she lands on the ground.

Everything happens so fast, maybe they had a point telling Max to stay behind. As their cover literally bursts into flames, she lets out a surprised yelp. Both Hyde and Paige shepherd her towards the group of evacuees and she does her best to keep up in the ruckus. Suddenly, the column bursts right by her, but Paige's protego lands effectively. Max jumps to the ground, avoiding as much of the rubble as she can. She looks back in time to see Paige take the hit on her behalf. "PAIGE, NO!" Now she's pissed. "YOU FUCKING TOUCH HER AND I WILL END YOU!" she screams at the twat who shot at them. "ALARTE ASCENDARE!" She sends the asshole flying up towards the ceiling. As that was the first thing to pop into her brain, Max is genuinely shocked she was able to pull that off. She starts to run back towards Paige.

The explosion and the screaming that follows knocks Hyde to his butt, his protection charm wavering and allowed the creeping of the heat to swarm towards them. He is dazed, but he he is up on his feet again before his ears get a chance to stop ringing, seizing the opportunity that Max has given him with her blow to push forward. He jumps over the flaming table, squaring up with the final wizard now that he wouldn't be outnumbered. They duel violently – Hyde is quick on his feet, and good at dodging oncoming blows, but the longer this goes on, the more destruction happens. Half the room seems to be peppered by flames at this point, walls and columns are decimated, chaos rules. So, Hyde makes a very calculated decision. When he sees the color of his enemy's next attack is red – not the green of an Avada Kedavra – he decides to tank the shot to get off a timely Stupefy. His charm hits, knocking out the man, but so does his. Immediately Hyde doubles over, pain searing his front. As he pulls his hands away, he notes the blood seeping from him, the way his nice suit has been cut to ribbons. "Ahh…fuck." He lets out with a wry bark of laughter – the accelerated blood-loss already leaving him woozy and light-headed. He doesn't even have time to do anything else – before his eyes roll to the back of his head and he falls to the floor, passed out from loss of blood.

Paige is struggling on the ground, bleeding in various places and clearly in a great deal of pain. Her lovely evening gown has been shredded mostly on the side of the explosion. She manages to get herself onto her hands and knees, though it is clearly a bad idea as she lets out a whimper of pain. "Fuck," she curses when Hyde gets put out of commission. "Max! We have to get out." The blonde gives a hard push to get to her feet, but the movement just causes more bleeding and she staggers into the wall, sinking back to the ground.

As Paige is sinking down to the ground a handful of French-speaking Aurors file into the place, wands out. They're quick to get the place surrounded, using magical binding to trap the trouble makers that have already been put out of business thanks to the little trio.

"Well FUCK." Max says loudly as Hyde bursts into dramatic battle and then proceeds to bleed out. The rush of adrenaline kicks her into mommy overdrive mode and she's quickly ripping the entire bottom half off her dress. Triage states unconscious man needs help first and she rushes past Paige. "Baby hold on, I'll be right back." Her eyes flash darkly with overflowing anxiety. As she crosses the room- "AQUA ERUCTO!" A jet of water rushes out of her wand, extinguishing some of the fires that seem a bit too close to people. When she reaches the man, she puts her wand out and practically throws herself onto his torso. "Hyde, you shit, don't die please." She gives him a good shove and threads the green cloth behind his back and up around his torso. She props a foot against his hip to steady herself then ties a knot and YANKS it as tightly as she can. "Sorry!" Yeah, that probably hurt. The Aurors show up and Max breathes a sigh of relief. "Be right back-" Up again, she flies to Paige's side. She places her hands on the bleeding parts and applies pressure. "Hang in there!" She screeches at the Aurors, "Assistance!" This is said in a French accent but who know if it's actually a word.

Now that the authorities are around, they're making relatively quick work of sorting things out – putting out fires, capturing the perpetrators, and ordering the vicitms as well – they still need to get a proper account of what had happened. But first thing's first – a medic taps Max on her shoulder as she's working on Hyde, nodding to him, and taking over the emergency patching duties after saying something to Maddox in French. Hyde is still there, still unconscious.

"Max," Paige hisses from where she is still slumped and breathing. "Get…me…out…Mungos." She is eyeing the authorities as they arrive, looking very pale as she loses blood. "Now." She lowers her voice, not that she needs to since it is coming out in a whisper. "Don't want to…talk." She is going her best to give her friend meaningful look but it comes out as a wince. The blonde woman does not want to end up in the papers.

Max looks torn for a moment, glancing back to the unconscious Hyde. He'll be ok, she figures. After all, he went head to head with whoever that guy was. There's a part of the story that they're missing, but she'll accost him later when he's conscious. "You got it," she whispers to Paige. "This shit is probably illegal…" she takes out her mirror from the recesses of her cleavage and calls the only healer she knows at St. Mungo's. "Dare, we have a problem. Bringing Paige in hot, get the fuck ready." She hangs up and quickly throws Paige's arm over her shoulders. "Let's hope the aurors don't follow us, hmm?" She successfully side-alongs Paige and they disappear with a CRACK.


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