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Hogwarts | February 1, 1986

It's rather late for breakfast, but here Claire is, a forgotten cup of juice and a half eaten piece of toast shoved out of her way. She's sitting at the very end of the Ravenclaw table and she's taking up considerably more space than she could have when there were more students here. The table in front of her is spread out with what appears to be every magazine she's ever bought. Lots are Muggle music magazines, but there are quite a few wizarding ones too, whose photos flinch and grimace at her as she takes scissors to the pages. She's amassing cut out pictures and headlines which she's arranging on pages in front of her, and she's rather focused on the task at hand.

Maggie is the type to wake up early and get her day started, so she’s been long gone from breakfast. But that doesn’t keep her from storming in, visibly upset and marching straight to the Gryffindor table. She stands on her toes and cranes her neck, looking over the kids still there, before stomping one foot and moving on to the next table. When Claire is spotted, she diverts to her friend’s side. “Claire! Have you seen Michael?” she asks, naming a Gryffindor boy Claire really has no business knowing. “I think he stole my potions book! I need it!” As she spots all the magazines though, her distress momentarily fades. “What’s all this?”

Claire is trying to find a place in her rather bizarre collage for a rudely beheaded picture of a Quidditch player. When Maggie approaches she glances up at her friend, wrinkling her brow. "Michael like… Michael?" she asks unhelpfully. "Why would anyone steal a potions book?" she adds, apparently unconcerned about Maggie's distress. She becomes considerably more animated when Maggie asks about her project, though. "I'm making my own magazine! Just about cool stuff though." Unlike, ostensibly, the magazines she's currently brutalizing.

“I don’t know!” Maggie wails. “Because he’s a jerk? He has his own.” But rather than continue her search, she collapses on the bench beside Claire and inspects the other girl’s handiwork. “Oh, this is neat. I like the special effects,” she says, pointing to some of the clippings. “What’s your magazine about?”

Claire is happy to drop the conversation about Maggie's potions book. "Thanks," she says happily, slapping the Quidditch player onto a page titled "ILLEGAL?" It also features a large photo of Rob Lowe. It's a work in process. "It's about bands and stuff. Ooh, you'll like these." Claire shuffles through some pages and pulls out ones that she's made specifically for Fabian and Jasper, which she thrusts at Maggoe. They've got pictures, quotes, embarrassing heart doodles – the works.

“Who’s that guy?” Maggie wonders, pointing to Rob Lowe, but she’s once again distracted by the Legion guys’ pages. She takes them up greedily, inspecting every detail. “Oh, I love it! Oh, Fabian is so deep.” She practically melts against the table as she reads one of the Fabian quotes. “I wish there was an entire magazine just about them. You should add in their birthdays.”

"He's this famous muggle, he's in movies," Claire says, but she's also easily distracted from this particular photo. She grins at Maggie's response to the Legion pages. She turns her head sharply to stare when Maggie suggests a Legion-only magazine. "That. Is. BRILLIANT. We could make it! We can do an issue for each member…"

Maggie turns to Claire, pleasantly surprised by what she’s hearing. “We? Would you want my help? You’re so creative though!” With the implication then being that Maggie is not. But she looks back to the pages Claire already has and bites the corner of her lip. “There could be stories about their childhoods and favorite bands and foods though. Oh! Do you think we could interview them?!”

"All magazines have more than one person making them," Claire says. "Loads of people." She nods encouragingly at Maggie's ideas. "See? Those are great ideas! I bet they'll let us interview them," she says confidently. "I'm Jasper's b iggest fan!"

"Oh noooo, not this again." The groan comes from Arthur who has appeared behind the girls and is peering over their shoulders. "I am not allowed to question Jasper's 'feelings' anymore," he tells Maggie with a pointed look at Claire. "What are you two doing?" Despite his groaning he looks rather curious as he slides into a seat at the table beside Claire, eyeing all her magazine clippings.

“I bet he would! And anyway, we’ll be writing from a magazine to ask for the interviews. He wouldn’t turn down a magazine.” When Arthur pops up, she turns to offer the boy a wide grin. “Hullo, Arthur! Jasper does have a lot of feelings, so it’s probably safest not to question them. Except in our interviews,” she adds with a nod to Claire.

"Just because you don't have feelings," Claire tells Arthur, not even looking up when he joins them. "We're making a magazine. Maggie and me are going to write and do the interviews." Here she does look up at him, looking thoughtful for a moment before she nods decisively. "You can be the photo editor." It doesn't occur to her that he might not want to do this.

"I have appropriate feelings that can be expressed without song." As the girls begin to talk about interviews and magainzes Arthur begins to look even more baffled than before. "What do you mean you're making a magazine? Like for the school? Don't we already have a paper?" He just blinks at her. "I don't have a camera." He says flatly, not actually considering he can just say no.

"We're making it for us," Claire says. "And for all Legion fans. The world is bigger than Hogwarts, you know." As she speaks, she's digging through a stack of magazines until she finds one with Legion on the cover, which she lays out in front of them. "You don't HAVE to help us," she adds, glancing at Arthur. She doesn't say it outright, but is hoping to imply that this is now a Legion zone and if he's not interested in Legion he should probably go.

Maggie picks up the magazine with the Legion cover like a miner who just struck gold. “Oh! I haven’t read this one yet! Can I borrow it before we cut it up?” she asks -or practically begs, clutching it to her chest. To Arthur, still hugging the magazine, she adds, ”There isn’t a Hogwarts paper. Maybe that should be our next venture though, once we’ve done the Legion issues. We can always go back and do like, specials? Like if Fabian got married…” The sudden dreamy hint to her voice suggests she might be picturing herself as the bride.

Arthur looks from Claire to Maggie to Claire and back to Maggie. He has an expression on his face that looks like he thinks they are speaking a foreign language. “Someone has to stick around to keep you two sorted,” he mumbles with a shake of his head. He eyes Maggie as she talks about marriages. “And these people are actually going to let you interview them?”

Claire nods when Maggie asks for the magazine, but she frowns a little at the mention of a Hogwarts paper. "What's that supposed to be about? Like… classes?" She sounds very doubtful about this prospect. "Of course they'll let us interview them," she adds, as if this is so obvious that there's no point in questioning it. "Maybe we should do some practice interviews beforehand, though."

“No way, not classes. Maybe gossip though? Sports? You could write an advice column!” Maggie tells Claire. “I bet loads of kids would want your advice. You even had a date to the ball.” She sets the magazine back down, a bit away from the others, and starts to flip through another one. “We are perfectly sorted, Arthur. You just don’t understand these things.”

“Well is you’re sure.” Arthur just shakes his head a bit. “Since I was her date and was rather forced does that actually count?” He asks skeptically. Yes. Clearly. I will leave you guys to it then.” He eyes their magazines once more before sliding back out of the table. “See you later.” He says with a wave before wandering off.

Claire looks thoughtfully at Maggie, and then she nods. "I could totally do an advice column. I have great ideas!" And so humble. "Hey," she adds, frowning at Arthur. "It counts! If you hadn't wanted to come you could have just not." But whether or not he sticks around to listen to this, she turns her attention back to Maggie. "I think we're going to get kicked out of here soon, but you can take some magazines if you want. I'll start on the Jasper pages…"

Maggie nods, hurrying to gather up a pile of magazines herself. “I’ll start on Fabian,” she says decisively. “And I bet Arthur will be our photo editor. I mean, he isn’t going to do sports, that’s for sure!” She gets to her feet then as well. “And if you see Michael, tell him I want my book back!”

"Sure," Claire says. She will have forgotten about Maggie's book before she even leaves the room. She also gathers her things, treating the pages she's already made like they're precious, and then heads out of the hall.


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