Meetings & Reconnections

London | February 8, 1986

It's late one evening and Magnus is sitting at the bar at the Cauldron, drink of course, because this is apparently what the man does. He has just finished chatting with a rather over-zealous older wizard who definitely had a few too many firewhiskeys, but the old man is now on his way home, leaving Magnus to finish his drink alone. He's got a pint of beer in front of him which is still about half-full.

As she steps out from the fireplace following a billow of soot, Kit shakes more dust off of her undeniably dusty clothes. As the fine red dust settles at her feet she steps forward and moves towards the bar in search of a drink. Her face is covered in dust apart from circles around her eyes. She undoubtedly looks a sight. "A pint of beer and another of water please," she croaks out.

Hazel had the day off, and she's fairly refreshed and chipper when she walks in from the Muggle side. Her cheeks and the tip of her nose are a bit pink from the cold. She's on her way to the bar when she notices Magnus and smiles a little before making her way towards him. She does glance a little curiously at Kit, and she'll smile at her if the other woman looms her way. Then she makes her way over and slides into the seat next to Magnus at the bar. "Hey, you," she says, friendly if a little surprised to run into him here. "It's been a while!"

Kit palms a few coins so and lays them on the bar to pay. She gulps down water to help with her thirst. Once the glass is set down she allows herself the opportunity to really see who is present. Hazel and Magnus like everyone else is given a blinking glance but then Kit's beer calls for her attention and she willingly gives it, although not fully. There is an expectant look on her face.

Magnus is taking casual sips of his beer, not seeming to mind sitting there alone very much. When Kit appears from the fireplace he turns, lifting his eyebrows at her, though there is a hint of a grin. "Rough day?" he asks when she orders her drink. His attention is pulled though as Hazel slides into the seat next to him and he swivels a bright grin appearing. "Killer Haze! Well, aren't you a sign for sore eyes!" He will even lean over to try to kiss the woman on the cheek in greeting. "Well this is certainly a surprise. Let me buy you a drink?"

It was a long night for Seraphine. A young wizard boy accidently brought a whole park of topiary to life. While the children loved it, the entire place had to be oblivated. At least fifty people and to be retained and memories erased. So by the time she shuffle in from the Muggle side of London, she's looks tired. Of course that doesn't stop her from going to the bar and flopping into a chair. Her dark hair is wild over her shoulders but she puts on her best smile and orders wine. It's then that she notices a familiar face. "Magnus, fancy meeting you here. "

A few minutes later than likely expected Kit answers Magnus' question with an ironic chuckle, "Something like that." Using a handkerchief she wipes her face, cleaning away some of the dirt. With magic it would be easier to clean it all up but for some reason Kit hesitates to do that. Kit salutes the arrival of Seraphine with the pint glass. That women look to be flocking to Magnus makes Kit grin.

Hazel grins as he kisses her on the cheek, and returns the gesture. "I cant believe I ran into you here!" She says, and agrees when he offers a drink. "Beer would be fine. How've you been?" She glances politely over at Seraphine when the other woman joins, nodding a bit in greeting.

It seems a popular time to be at the cauldron. Jonas walks in not long after everyone else, sporting a forest green scarf and matching hat. He pulls the beanie off once inside and runs a hand through his hair, fluffing out the curls. Scanning the room, his gaze falls on Sera. “Hey, roomie!” he greets a moment later, sliding up behind her at the bar with a wide grin. “I didn’t realize you’d be here! And… Kit! Gosh! Fancy seeing you again!” He appears genuinely happy to see everyone – even the people nearby he hasn’t actually met.

“Well beer helps with days like that, I find,” Magnus tells Kit with a sympathetic grin. He orders another beer for Hazel, and a new one for himself while he is at it before turning back to the woman. “I know, what are the odds. I’ve been good! Traveling a lot which is why I’m not around these parts as often. What about you? Still flying? You’re not still an Arrows fan are you?” He looks pained at this last question and surely it has nothing to do with the Arrows recently destroying his precious Puddlemere United team.” At another familiar voice though he turns his smile appearing anew. “Well hey there pretty lady. I think it’s my lucky day. Surrounded by beautiful women. Want a drink?” He glances between the Sera and Hazel. “Do you two know each other?” This is his lazy way of doing introductions, but he does it with such a charming smile. At Jonas’ arrival though he just gives the other bloke a nod for the moment since he seems to know Sera.

"I'm traveling a bit myself. I don't have a ton of time to fly anymore- bit of a shame, really," Hazel says, taking a drink of her beer. "But I am still an Arrows fan. I bleed blue," she says, a bit smug at the same win he's so upset with. "I'm Hazel," she adds, extending a hand to Sera. "You're a bit familiar- Ministry?" She glances at Jonas with a slight smile but doesn't introduce herself just yet.

"Beer helps damn near everything," Kit quips. She signals for a refill and tucks her handkerchief away. As she is keeping an eye on the new arrivals the latest one doesn't go without comment, "Evening Jonas." However it is the goblin who comes in after the architect that draws Kit away from the bar and bring an irate look to her face. "The wall caved in Benny. Caved in. Look at me." Kit gestures to how dirty she is as she and the goblin move to a table with chairs closer to the ground.

“Ah, truer words have never been spoken,” Magnus chuckles at Kit. But as she disappears he looks back to the other women once more. “Yeah? What were you doing again? Something with animals?” As she declares she bleeds blue he pretends to stick a dagger in his heart. “If not for this one little flaw of yours,” he teases

"Yeah, I'm in the magical creatures department. I'm the one gets sent about whenever someone's got a loose beast they need dealt with," Hazel explains. She only rolls her eyes at his Quidditch related teasing but glances about at the others to see if they'll support her. CLEARLY the Arrows are the best, right?

"Hey yourself Roomie." Seraphine says with a tired smile. "I didn't plan on stopping in tonight, but I need some fuel to get home. " she holds up her glass and takes a hasty sip from it. "I really hate erasing child memories, they're the worst." Turning to Hazel she smiles and shakes her hand. "Seraphine, and yes I'm an Oblivator. I'm sure we've seen eachother around the office." She does look vaguely familiar. Smirking to Magnus she shrugs her shoulders. "I suppose you can buy the next one, if you really want to. How has your curse breaking going? " she she might not have owled him after their date, but she's at least not wiped the whole evening from her memory.

“Oh I love the Arrows!” Jonas tells Hazel eagerly. “Would you know, the other day I went to visit a friend only to realize she’s staying with Paige O’Callahan?! Paige was there. She offered me wine.” He is absolutely giddy about all of this, and after getting to brag about it he offers his hand out to Hazel. “I’m Jonas Rothschild, by the way. Seraphine and I are housemates.” He turns his own attention to the bar once introductions are done though, eyeing the bottles before ordering something called an ‘Angry Polar Bear.’

“I’m sure you’re superb at that,” Magnus tells Hazel with a grin. “Can you knick me a cool creature? I’ve been meaning to get a pet.” He smirks a bit but his groan returns as Jonas joins the Arrows train. “Oh Merlin’s beard, I am surrounded by Quidditch imbeciles!” Magnus exclaims dramatically before downing the rest of his beer and starting on the new one. Though as Jonas talks about Paige he does quirk an eyebrow. “Though I suppose some bits of the team can be appreciated for their…assets, eh?” There is a brief pause as he eyes Jonas. “You look familiar.” And as the name comes he searches. “You played for Hufflepuff.” He glances to Sera with a grin. “Ah good, you do remember me,” he jokes. “It’s good. Off to Egypt next week for a nip. Sounds like you had a night of it. So yes, next drink is on me.”

."You met Paige!?" Hazel demands. "That's amazing – was she as nice as she seems in interviews? I bet her house is immaculate." She says all of this in a bit of a rush. "…Paige is my favorite player," she explains, mostly to Sera and a bit apologetic. She'll elbow Magnus good naturedly at his dig if he lets her, and then she shakes Jonas's hand and introduces herself to him as well.

“She was so nice. And her flat is superb. She asked me if I might look into some remodeling ideas for her? I don’t know, she was maybe just being nice, but could you imagine getting to design part of her house?” Jonas moves over to Hazel, pulling up a bar stool so that he can sit nearby as they chat quidditch. He casually ignores most of what Magnus has to say, but as his drink is delivered (it is bright blue and is adorned with a cherry speared with a plastic sword), he takes a sip through the cocktail straw and looks at the man. “Mhmm,” is his response about playing quidditch for Hufflepuff. “I did.” Magnus is given a pointed look before he turns back to the girls. “Sera and I are getting cats, we’ve decided. A cat each. Hopefully they’ll be pals.”

At the elbow to the ribs Magnus grunts with a grin. "Oh you just wish you were a Puddlemere fan," he teases Hazel. He rolls his eyes briefly at Jonas' gushing, eyeing the man's drink with a raised eyebrow when it's delivered. "Seraphine here might kill us if we keep talking about Quidditch though." He takes a moment to wink at Sera. "So tell me Hazey, what's new with you?"

Seraphine does go glassy eyes at the Quidditch talk, it's her normal mode of defense when all the men in their family start talking about it. "My brothers really like her, but I don't see it myself. " Sera says about Paige, and she smirks at Magnus as he offers the drink. "I'll make it a good one then." Jonas gets her attention and she smiles. "I've always wanted a cat, but my father is allergic to them. I'm excited to finally get one of my own! I hear cats get along better if they're from the same litter. I am free this weekend if you want to start hunting."

The conversation between Kit and Benny the goblin looks to be one sided at first with her gesticulating broadly. Whatever is said is not shared however thanks to a bit of well placed magic on their table. After a few minutes Benny seems to be trying to placate the irritated Kit. It, and a bag of coin, does the trick. As Kit rises to her feet with the bag the spell fades and she can be heard saying, "I am not a grave robber or cannon fodder for your boss and his wild ideas. I'll use this to replace what I lost and return the rest." Benny slides to his feet and in a gravelly tone tells her, "The next site will be safer. The maps are better." Shaking her head in disbelief Kit makes her way back to the bar.

"That would be amazing," Hazel tells Jonas. "Honestly I can't even imagine. Make sure you call me if you find any, I don't know, Pixie infestations in the walls or something," she jokes. She smiles a little guiltily at Sera – she would go on about Quidditch all day if they let her – and then shrugs a bit at Magnus. "Well, I work for the Ministry now, but my job isn't like, glam or anything. I spend lots of time chasing animals through the mud." Despite what she's saying, she really doesn't seem to mind. "I've got a flat right down the way. How about you- what's got you so busy these days?"

“I will!” Jonas replies to Hazel before he’s distracted by Seraphine’s lack of enthusiasm. ”Wait, you don’t like quidditch? Have you ever actually been to a game? By which I mean a real game, not one at Hogwarts,” he wonders. “It’s so exciting when you’re there. And the players are so talented. You have to appreciate talent.” He’ll get back to the kitty discussion – quidditch is more pressing.

"Who doesn't like quidditch," asks Kit as she slides onto a barstool nearby. After chasing down a question with a mouthful of beer she says, "Whenever I used to hear that as kid I used to take it personally, like it meant people didn't like my dad rather than the game he played." Her attention shifts to Hazel and then she does that one squinty eye thing people do when trying to place someone else. "School, I'm guessing?" With a grin, that trademark family grin made so famous firstly by her pro-quidditch playing father and then by her brother, Kit reaches over to Hazel offering a hand. "Just in case I'm wrong I'm Kit."

Magnus surveys Sera for a moment. “Hmm. I don’t know if I would have pegged you as a cat person but I suppose so. And any drink you want. For not erasing my memory.” He adds the last bit with a wink. He glances at Hazel as she gushes, looking rather amused. “Oh come on, she still plays for the Arrows,” he teases. He does nod more seriously like a good boy though when she starts explaining. “I can picture it. Enjoying it then? And yeah, I’ve also got a flat not far. Working for Gringotts in cursebreaking so slogging through dusty tombs to compare to your mud.”

"Gryffindor," Hazel agrees, reaching across to shakes Kit's hand. "Hazel Killingsworth. I can't believe I didn't recognize you- must've been the dust." She grins a little. "It'a a bit of a reunion in here tonight, isn't it?" She takes a drink as she listens to Magnus. "Gringotts then? That must be nice – pays well, yeah?"

The Muggle side door opens and Max walks in. She has her hood up and pulled in tight around her face, obscuring it partly from view. No, she’s not trying to hide. She’s simply freezing her rear off. Scooting over to the bar, she slams some coins down and quickly gets a hot cider. It’s only after she’s taken a few sips and thawed that she turns to scan the room. Supposedly, someone was meeting her here to go to the movies. Her eyes land on Jonas, and Magnus, and a whole bunch of people. With another sip, she approaches the table. “Hi!”

"I'm allowed to not like Quidditch." Seraphine says quietly as she sighs. It's almost as if she's had this discussion before. "The only thing the Quidditch pitch was good for at school was a convenient hiding place to snog." There is a sly hint to her smirk before she shakes her head at Jonas. "No, I've been lucky so far, every time my family gets tickets, there is a work emergency." She says innocently, as if she always uses that as an excuse. "As for cats, I like them better than dogs, dogs require far more attention than I am willing to give." She says to Magnus.

Jonas happily sips away at his cocktail as everyone talks. Seraphine earns a skeptical look as she admits to having never been to a game, but she’s saved from his rebuttal thanks to Max’s arrival. “Maddox, hullo! Oh, you’ve got a drink already – I’m sorry. I spotted Seraphine here and had to come chat. Sera is one of my housemates,” he explains. He gets to his feet as he talks, moving over to kiss Max on the cheek and slide a hand onto the small of her back. “And then this is Kit, Hazel, and… Magnus, I believe it was.” He motions to each person with his drink in turn as he makes introductions. “Although it sounds like most are Gryffindors, so perhaps you know that already?”

Another new arrival? Hazel flags down the bartender to order herself another drink. She wasn't quite prepared to see so many former classmates here, and is finding herself suddenly in need of something a bit stronger than beer. She waves at Max but doesn't speak up just now- her drink (it's whiskey, and strong) has arrived, and she turns her attention there instead.

Max smiles as Jonas kisses her cheek. “Don’t worry about it. I was too cold and I couldn’t wait.” She turns to the group and smiles brightly as everyone is introduced. Some faces look vaguely familiar, some are brand new. “That one I know!” she says, pointing to Magnus. “Hi Thrippy!” Turning to Sera- “Ah so you get the pleasure of living in that beautiful house! It must be fantastic!” To Kit and Hazel- “Hi! Nice to meet you both.” She takes a gulp of her cider, looking slightly overwhelmed.

"Gryffindors out in force," Magnus jokes. He gives kit a little nod too, "Magnus Thripp," he offers her just to help job memories, he would have been one or two years ahead of her. He does smirk at Sera's comment about the pitch. "I'm amazed we never ran into one another there," he says with a smirk. "Though I suppose you're a few years younger than me." And when Max arrives he swivels in his chair to grin at her. "Twice in a few days? Hey McLaren," he greets. "Ready for those shots?" Though as she scoots over to Jonas he raises an eyebrow curiously before looking back at Hazel and giving her a nod while he sips at his beer. "Well enough for now. Still a ways to go, but I've been there…hm, about six years now I s'pose."

“Oh no,” Jonas laughs. “Well, we have a bit of time before we need to get to the movie. Enough to warm you up a bit, I think.” He steps back to lean against a nearby table, giving the group a tiny bit of space now that they’ve further expanded. “You should try this, by the way,” he adds, offering his straw, “it’s delicious.”

Kit grins at Hazel, "A bit like Magnus, the dirt comes with the job. Normally I'm more presentable but I wanted to make a point in my meeting. Nice to see you again, Hazel. I was Kit Palancher back then, Ashby now." When Sera talks about her exploits Kit laughs, nodding in agreement,"I know that's what I used the Hogwarts pitch for." Kit's head turns as Max comes up and she smiles at her, "Please excuse the dust."

Max looks vaguely familiar when she walks in and seeing how friendly Jonas is with her she figure that they're probably dating. "Nice to meet you!" She says politely before laughing toward the others. "It's fantastic, I have so much more space and Jonas and I can go days with out seeing eachother so sometimes it's like I live alone." Honestly that's what she really wanted, but not on her current salary. "I got really good at listening for giggles before I picked the right bleacher. Though I avoided game days after one of those angry balls came flying through in the middle of a good snog." Smirking at Magnus she shakes her head. "The same year as your sister, remember? She probably would not have let you forget about it."

"What do you do?" Magnus asks Kit curiously. He punctuates his attention swiveling with a drink of his beer before smirking at Seraphine. "Riiight. I have so many sisters I always forget," he jokes, using it as an excuse. "Though you are right. She would not have let me forget it."

Hazel is really going for it with her drink, which she has nearly downed in one long drink. She nods politely at Kit but let's Magnus direct that conversation. She does laugh at Sera's story about the bludger, but then she feels bad for laughing and immediately goes back to her drink.

Max takes a sip of Jonas' drink. Her face brightens as it tastes absolutely fantastic. "What's in that? I love it! You know I tried this flaming coconut thing once, you'd probably like it." She turns to Sera and smiles. "That is honestly the best kind of living situation. not having to see your flatmates." She playfully elbows Jonas in the side. Something Kit says catches her attention. "Palancher? You wouldn't be related to Linc Palancher, would you?"

“It’s called an angry polar bear!” Jonas replies brightly. “A flaming coconut? That sounds exciting.” He resumes sipping his own drink then, listening in amusement while the others discuss their school antics. When Max elbows him, he rocks against her to bump shoulders playfully without actually looking at the woman, his focus instead shifting to Kit at the reveal of her maiden name. He knows that one, Arrows fan that he is.

"I'm an archaeologist," Kit says in response to Magnus' question. "I've spent the past few years working abroad but decided to come home again." It is a lot safer for a half-blood like her these days. Kit sips her beer and watches the others interact with amusement for a few moments until she is asked about Linc. "Yes, Linc was my brother. Were you a fan Max?"

When Max asks if Kit is related to Linc, Magnus attention perks up and he turns back to the woman. "You're Linc's sister? He was a good bloke," he tells her rather solemnly. "I always liked playing with him. We were the same year," he explains to Kit with probably the most genuine, though sad smile he's had all evening. "It was really terrible when…it happened." He reaches for his beer though after, taking a long sip, clearly not good at conversations like this. "Er, but archaeology, huh? Rather similar field then."

And the conversation returns to Quidditch. The name sounds familiar to Seraphine, but she can't immediately place it. Finishing her beverage she fishes out coin to leave on the bar and slides off of the barstool. "I should head home, I only stopped in to warm up and erase a bit of the evening." Turning toward Magnus she smirks. "I suppose you'll just have to owe me a drink."

Kit nods a little, smiles wanly – those e polite but slightly awkward things we do when a delicate subject is inadvertently brought up. "Yes, there is a fair bit of overlap between us Magnus. We should compare notes sometime." But then Seraphine is making a move, "It was nice seeing you again, Seraphine. Good luck with your cat hunting," she tells her.

"We were friends back in school," Max says with a slightly sadder smile. "Sorry about that, I know it's not great pub banter. I'm glad to have met you though, Kit. We should grab coffee sometime ." She reaches for something in her pocket but comes up empty-handed. With a slightly alarmed look, she checks the other pocket. No avail. "Oh crap, I left my mirror at Paige's," she says to Jonas. "I have to go back for it before the movie." As Sera moves off, she offers a wave.

“Seems like there is indeed,” Magnus tells Kit with a nod. “We should. We could always grab coffee one of the weeks I’m at Gringotts,” he offers. He gives Max a sympathetic look as well when she says they were also friends. When Seraphine announces her departure he turns to her and gives her a smile. “You can hold me to it.” He stands up briefly to give Sera a kiss on the cheek before she goes.

“Bye, Sera!” Jonas calls after his housemate. Turning to Max, he straightens up and lowers his drink. “Do you want to go now? We have time still.” His drink is still mostly full, but rather than chug it he sets it aside.

“Yeah, just to be safe. But you should stay here with your friends though! I can meet you at the theater.” Max looks around at the ground with a smile. “I don’t want to ruin your fun.”

"Don't be silly, of course I'll come with you," Jonas tells Maddox with a smile. He pulls his hat back over his ears and lifts a hand, waving to everyone else. "It was nice to meet you, Hazel. And I hope I'll run into all of you again soon." Some more than others, perhaps. Turning back to Max, he says, "Lead the way?"

Seraphine raises her brow at the cheek kiss, and even shakes her head at Magus. "I will." She says quietly before putting some distance between them. "I'll see you later roommate, enjoy your movie. It was nice meeting the rest of you, enjoy your evenings." With that she slips out of the cauldron back into Diagon Alley.

"It's okay," Kit says in general, they've all lost someone and these moments happen. "It was nice seeing you again Jonas, and meeting you Max. Take care." Kit tilts her head back as she drains her glass, finishing off her beer. The empty glass is set down on the bar with care before she rises to her feet. "I think I might head off myself, go have a nice hot bath."

"Take care, everyone! Good seeing you, Thrippy!" This last part is said towards Magnus. With a smile, Max finishes off her cider and leaves the mug behind on the bar as she leads Jonas outside.

"You still owe me some flaming shots, McLaren!" Magnus calls after her, waving the pair off. "Never a bad idea, a hot bath after a day like that. Let me know if you'd like to get a coffee, Kit. Was nice to meet you." He gives the younger woman a smile before she heads off as well. As everyone is disappearing he finally looks back to Hazel with a grin. "Well, Hazey. Fancy another drink or planning on ditching me as well?"

Hazel says her goodbyes as people start to leave, looking a bit overwhelmed all the while. "Yeah," she tells Magnus. "I'll say for another. What brings you here, anyway?" she adds. She'd sort of assumed that he was meeting someone, but that seems unlikely now that she's seen a veritable parade of their schoolmates enter and leave the two of them behind.

Magnus watches Hazel a moment, grinning. "Lotsa people, hm?" He does flag the bar tender to bring another round for them. "Oh, I had a weird work morning and then stopped over to see my family which was a mistake, so that's why I ended up here. Wasn't quite ready to go home, but sure as hell wasn't staying there." He says it all with a smile though. "What about you?"

Hazel laughs a little ruefully, resting her head on her hand for a moment. "I'm still not very great with crowds," she admits. "I mean, not that I'm really trying or anything, spending all of my time with nifflers and whatnot." She thinks this is funnier than it is, and laughs a little. She seems to realize that the laughter is a bit uncalled for, though, because she puts a very serious look on her face and nods as Magnus talks about his day. "Yeah, I don't blame you." For not staying at his family's house. "I was just dropping in on my way to Diagon. I didn't expect to see everyone I've ever known here…"

“Eh, crowds are overrated,” he tells her with a lopsided grin. The grin brightens and he chuckles. He own laughter and then seriousness following it actually makes him laugh more, it’s a warm laugh though, not in the least bit meant to be mocking. “Well I bet the nifflers are more useful than most people,” he tells her with a wink. “Yeah tell me about it. It was like Kings Cross on the first day of school.” He gives a little shake of his head, reaching for his new beer as it arrives. “So what’s new with you, Haze? Anything exciting besides the nifflers?”

Hazel also takes her drink, although she sips this one a bit more cautiously than the last. "Oh, nothing terribly exciting- you know me. Lots of books," she says with a little smile. "And what about you? It seems like you've promised more than one of those ladies a drink in the future?" she asks, raising an eyebrow.

"Oh come on, where is your sense of adventure? We need to get you outside and away from those books for a bit," Magnus tells her with a grin. At her comment he smiles very innocently at her. "Well sure, I'm a very friendly guy. I like to keep up my social engagements. When are you going to let me take you out for a drink, hmm? And this doesn't count." He adds the last bit with a slight smirk, taking another sip of his beer. "But nah, nothing too exciting. I travel a lot at the moment. I did get a cat. He's a complete asshole though."

"Mm," Hazel says, not quite laughing. "Your social engagements- of course. I think this," she adds innocently, gesturing slightly at her drink, "is a perfectly acceptable drink. I can't imagine where we'd find one better." She does laugh a bit when he mentions his cat. "They usually are."

"Well, I need to keep my options open until you agree to marry me," Magnus tells her brightly. "Fine, if you're counting this accidental encounter as a proper engagement for drinking beverages together, then I shall have to try another tactic to get your nose, at least briefly, out of your books. Don't you worry, I will think of something. Just make sure you're ready." He grins over at her, before nodding in agreement. "Can't you come work your animal magic on it and make him be less of an arse?"

Hazel laughs at this mention of marriage. "If we both end up single when we're thirty, let's elope," she suggests cheerfully. "You can come dancing with me and the girls sometime," she adds. "I think it's really your scene." She just shakes her head sadly when he mentions his cat. "I'd love to meet him but I'm afraid that even my considerable animal whispering talents can't cure a bratty cat.."

“Somewhere tropical perhaps?” Magnus suggests at the idea of eloping. “Dancing with the girls, I like the sound of that. Just tell me when,” he replies with a grin. He reaches for his beer once more, taking a long sip. “Ah rats, guess I’m stuck with him as he is then. I’ve tried bribing him with cat treats but honestly he’s just getting fat.”

"I'll make sure you're invited next time," Hazel promises. Her beer is still half full, but she pushes back from the bar a bit. "And I ought to go before I make any more promises," she says, getting a little unsteadily to her feet. "It was really nice to see you, though!"

“Brilliant!” Magnus tells her brightly. He gives a little nod. “I suppose I should get home as well.” He watches Hazel though, getting to his own feet after dropping some coins on the bar. “You okay getting home? Want me to walk you?” He asks, much more genuinely that his usual banter, a touch of concern in his features.

Hazel puts a hand to her forehead. "The cold air should wake me up a bit." As if she's sleepy, not kind of afternoon drunk. "But if you're going too, you might as well. I'm close!" She grins a little.

Magnus offers Hazel his arm when she agrees. “I’m not far either. And then I’ll feel better knowing you’re home safe,” he tells her with a grin before leading them out of the bar. “Lead the way,” he tells her once they step into the cool air outside.


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