No Shirt, No Shoes

London | February 12, 1986

So Magus told Seraphine that he owed her a drink after her difficult evening. Seraphine waits a few days to cash in on this request. She rememered he was leaiving for Egypt soon and wanted to grab that favor before he could forget about it. Of course she's doing all of this on a whim, and instead of sending an owl before hand, she simply shows up at his door and knocks. She has on a long wool cloak and a hood over her hair to keep the chill off and is betting on him actually being home on a week-night.

Magnus is in fact home. He got home from work not too long ago and was just getting out of the shower when the knock at the door comes. "Just a minute!" he calls. And a minute later he pulls the door open, having managed to at least pull some pants on. His hair is still damp though and he hasn't gotten around to the shirt bit yet. When he sees who is at the door he grins, opening the door wider to let her in. "Well, isn't this a surprise. Come on in. What can I do you for?" he asks, shutting the door behind her if she does indeed come in.

Seraphine waits patiently in the hallway while Magus finds pants. She takes a small mirror out of her pocket and checks her make up quickly before hiding it away. Once the door opens she gives him a sly smile and gestures to his attire. "Do you greet all of your lady callers this way?" Though she does not raise a complaint, and does not hide that she is looking. "You said that you owed me a drink? I figured I would cash in that favor before you forgot." She says as she slips past him I and into the flat.

Magnus' flat is very tidy, moderately sized, though just one floor. There is a living space filled with the typical things – couch, coffee table, book cases, desk, and a kitchen off to the side with a table big enough for 6. A small hallway leads to the bedroom and bathroom. Despite nbot being overly big it is roomey enough and well decorated, probably better decorated than would be expected for Magnus perhaps. "If I can manage it," Magnus tells her with a wink. "That I do. And as you haven't tried to obliviate me yet, that I know of at least, I do indeed still remember. What were you thinking? Want to go out for a drink? Or I've got some things here probably. Let me just put a shirt on."

The last time Seraphine was here she did not have a chance to really give the place a good look. Now that she's not preoccoupied with the flat's owner, she notices the details that she missed the first time. "I suppose it's hard to always time yourself to be fresh out of a shower when unexpected women call." She smirks as she puts her hands in the pockets of her cloak. "I'm good enough that if I had removed your memory you wouldn't have the faintest idea that I have." It's hard to tell if she's being truthful but she smirks. "Why bother with a shirt? We can stay in here, I've had my fill of socializing lately. That is unless you're cold, I'd hate for you to catch an illness."

"I mean, I could always fake it," Magnus suggests, smirking. "Just pull off my shirt, magic my hair wet," he jokes. At her comment about his shirt he looks rather amused. "Oh, is that why you came?" He does nod though. "Sure, I think I can manage a drink here. I am putting a shirt on though, too cold." He winks before disappearing to her bedroom only to return a moment later with a thin sweater on. "So, what do you want? I've got wine, beer, whiskey, vodka, probably other things," he says heading to the kitchen to open the alcohol cabinet.

"You could, but where would the fun in that be?" Seraphine shrugs one shoulder as she laughs at his reply. "Yes, I am that forward. I suppose I could fake some other excuse for being here, or perhaps even play coy. However I have always favored the direct approach." She calls out to him as he goes to his room to find a shirt. She smirks when he's back and quietly follows him to the kitchen. "And I see you do not have a shortage of alcohol. Do you have any interest in making a martini?"

"I like it," Magnus tells her with a grin when he returns. "You're more than welcome to take it back off after our drink though." At her request he takes down two martini glasses. "Your wish is my command," he murmurs with a grin, starting to mix two martinis. "Olive?" he asks, going towards the fridge. "So, had a few rough days?"

"I'll take some olives." Seraphine says as she leans against the counter of the kitchen, watching as Magnus works his magic. "I can be polite and wait until after I've finished the drink." She's left her cloak on, perhaps she is chilly. "Yeah it has been difficult. My younger brother threw a tantrum when he heard I was moving out, and drank evey potion in the cabinet. He's fine, but I had to give him some extra attention. However the freedom to come and go as I please is worth the extra attention I have to give him. What about you? Are you prepared to travel again?"

Magnus spears two olives for Sera, dropping them into her drink as a finishing touch before passing it over. He does the same for his own after, swirling them around a bit before taking a sip. "Oh yikes, really? Sorry to hear that. Glad he's okay though. I'm sure he'll come around though. Plus, a few more years it'll all change. How old was he again?" He gestures for her to follow to the living room, placing himself on the couch.

Seraphine follows him to the living room and settles in on the couch, careful not to spill her drink as she sits. After a sip from the beverage, she gives him an appricative nod at his handy work. "He's seven. I know it'll be a shock once he gets off to Hogwarts, because mummy and daddy won't be there to cater to his every whim. It will do him some good, and humble him. He's got a kind heart buried deep under the layers of spoiled brat."

Magnus laughs. “Well is anywhere can get him into shape I’m sure it’s our Hoggy hoggy hogwarts.” He takes a longer sip of his drink so it is down low enough he has less risk of spilling. “You’re all moved then?”

"I hate the school song. There is something about saying the word Hogwarts over and over that makes me cringe." Seraphine replies with a smirk, but she nods her head. "Yes, my roomate has a very large empty housee and it's nice that we can even spend a whole day with out seeing eachother. It's nice to not be completely alone, but we haven't really gotten to know eachother all that well."

“I will be sure to remember that,” Magnus smirks. “Just in case I need to pest you a bit.” He nods a bit though, sipping his drink. “Yeah. He was my year I think. Don’t really know him. Seems a bit…odd.” He shrugs though. “But yeah that’s nice. A big house would be great. Though I’ve quite gotten used to this place now.”

"He's an artist and a little eccentric, but I admire someone having a passion project and he enjoys the work he's done to the house. He even had my room all settled and ready before I moved in and to my specifications. Not that it needed a lot of work but the colors didn't suit me." Sera sips from her glass again as she turns sideways on the couch to face him. "Yours is very well decorated. I figured you would have been the sort to think a Quidditch the wall would be enough. "

“Sure,” Magnus says though he seems skeptical. “That’s nice though.” He glances around a moment at her comment. “Eh, I may have had a bit of help,” he admits with a grin, looking back at her. “Though some is my own doing. I was thinking of getting a muggle tv but not so sure about that. It seems a hit weird. I do have one if the disc spinners though,” he says meaning a record player. ”I don’t really get how they got the musicians in the disc without magic but it works.”

"I had to write papers about Muggles and how they get their music onto such tiny devices. I could let you borrow them should you ever be after my bored and needed help falling asleep. You should see what tiny devices they put their music on now. It doesn't sound as nice as a record though." She almost talks about the mythical turtle game but she realizes that her nerd is showing and she clears her throat. "Muggles televisions are nice, I'm waiting to see how things are at my new place before getting one, but let me know if you need help finding one." She quickly takes a drink before she starts up again.

"Did you? I probably should have taken muggle studies considering the very large gap of knowledge I had. But I ended up taking Ancient Runes and Arithmancy. More useful for my job," he tells her. He laughs and nods. "If I ever start having trouble sleeping, I will let you know and you can bring them over. Though I feel like we could find much better things to do to help us sleep." The last bit is said with a rather suggestive look and smirk before he sips at his drink again. At the music devices bit he does look slightly more interested though. "Really? How do they do it?"

"I could get into the science of it, but that sounds far too much like work." Seraphine says slyly as she raises her glass for a toast. "However they use delicate material and magatism to record sound, other than that it starts going over my head." When he mentions hsi choices she nods. "Muggle studies might have been useful, but I am sure it's been fun learning it on the fly. Honestly I could have gone into Misuse of Muggle Artifacts, but it didn't seem as glamorus as being the most forgettable woman in London." She winks.

“I’m pretty sure you just made all of that up,” Magnus laughs, clearly having understood very little of what she said. He tips his drink toward her as she toast before taking another sip. “Well as I still remember you I think we have to find you a new title.”

"The only way you'll know is if you research it yourself." Seraphine replies with a smirk as she finishes off her martini and reaches for the speared olive. "Just because you remember me, doesn't mean everyone else does. Who knows, maybe I just wanted one more go before I made you forget." She winks.

“Oh but that just seems like taking the easy way out. It would have been much more challenging to erase my memory and re-seduce me,” Magnus teases at her wink. “Buuut, if that is why you’re here….” he finishes off his martini, setting the glass aside. “I’m happy to give you another tour of my bedroom,” he suggests with a smirk.

"I thought I made that obvious when I walked in?" Seraphine shakes her head and sighs. She skips the olive for now, since she realizes that if they're going to take another tour of his bedroom, having olive breath might be a horrible idea. "Perhaps if it were a challenge to seduce you, I might consider it. However so far it has been as easy as walking to your door." She sets her glass down and gets to her feet, tilting her head as she looks at him. "Another tour might be nice, after all, the lights were off the last time I visited.

Magnus looks rather amused as he sits there watching Seraphine. “Ah, I see. That’s all I’m good for now,” he teases. When she mentions how easy it was he shrugs helplessly. “What can I say, we all have our flaws.” He is grinning though still, getting to his feet after her. He steps over close to her, sliding one arm around her waist to pull her close and lean down to kiss her rather hungrily. And if that goes well he’ll slide his other arm around her, lifting her up off the ground as he pulls her towards him.

Sometime later, Seraphine is stretching and looking arp und the darkened bedroom with a satisfied smirk on her lips. "Well, that was a lovely tour of your bedroom." She sits up and holds onto the sheets for modesty as she reaches for her wand to start summoning her clothing. "When are you back from Egypt? "

Magnus doesn't seem to have much modesty. The man is laying bare-assed on his stomach on top of the sheets, looking rather sweaty. His sphinx tattoo is easily visible now. There is a bit of text written below it in ancient Egyptian. He rolls onto his side, propping his elbow up and resting his head on his hand. "Um, normally in a week if everything goes well there. Planning to schedule in your next visit," he teases.

"I'm just wondering how long you'll have to recover before I visit again." She hisses her slip back on and stands as she pulls her dark hair back out other face. She finally gets a good look at the tattoo and lightly touches it with her fingers as she passes. "What does it say? My Egyptian is rusty." Or non existant.

"Hmm. 10 minutes?" he suggests with a wily grin. Magnus seems rather content to lie there naked, watching Seraphine get dressed. As she runs her finger across his tattoo he shivers just slightly. "Mmm, it's an ancient Egyptian proverb. Seek peacefully, you will find," he explains.

"If only I didn't have an early morning I might test that theory." Sera replies with a smirk as she continues to dress. "That's fitting for your job. I thought about getting a tattoo myself but I could not come up with something meaningful."

Magnus finally sits up, swinging his legs over the side of the bed to plant his feet on the floor. He takes a moment to find his pants again, tugging them on. "I was rather pissed actually when I got this one done. My friend picked the saying because he told me I am anything but peaceful. But I had wanted the sphinx anyways and I've grown rather fond of it."

"Well getting tattooed while puss drunk is always the best idea." Seraphine shakes her had as she reaches for her cloak and steps back into her shoes. She does at least look presentable for the Apperate home. For a moment she isn't sure what to say, it's always awkward when it's new, but in the end she smirks. "I'd say be careful in Egypt, but I feel like you'll ignore me."

"I thought so, naturally," Magnus replies quickly with a grin. He lifts a hand to push his fingers through his curls, brushing them back off his face. "Me? Of course not. I am always careful. I shall do my best to come back with all my important bits in tact. No promises about my arms or legs though," he jokes. He makes his way over to Sera, looking down at her a moment before leaning in to brush a kiss across her lips.

Seraphine laughs as she reaches for her purse. She lays her hand on his chest and returns the kiss before lightly hitting him. "Your limbs are important as well, as you demonstrated earlier. Try to keep them. I'll let you get back to your evening." She opens her mouth as if she is going to say more, but stops herself.

"Ah right, then. I shall indeed do my best to keep them." Magnus looks rather amused at something and gives a little nod, "I'll walk you out. I'm glad you stopped by." And he will indeed walk with her to the front door. "I'll be sure to forego the shirt from the beginning next time," he offers with a smile before she goes.

"See, you're learning already." Seraphine smirks as she reaches over to ruffle his hair as she passes. Once she reaches the door she slips through with a final wave and appeared when she's sure she's out of sight from any muggles.


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