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London | March 7, 1986

It's a bit more than a week after the plunge, and day or two after Paige's birthday and Taliesin has invited her over. The house elf let Paige in, claiming his master would be with her shortly, which is how Paige came to be laying in the middle of the floor in Tali's living room, waiting for her friend to appear. She's laying on her back, knees bent and arms stretched out to the side, eyes closed. She's either sleeping or meditating, it's hard to be sure.

Taliesin is dressed! Wonders never cease. Still once he hard that Paige was here he finally walks down to the main floor and spots her laying on his rug. Padding over to her his long lanky frame leans down over her and raises a brow. "Comfy?"

Paige slowly peels her eyelids open, looking up at Tali. "Well, you could use a more comfortable carpet, but generally, yes." She offers him a grin, pushing herself up onto her elbows. "Where is my present?"

"Present? I didn't know I needed to get you one." Taliesin says with a sly smirk as she leans up off of the floor. He offers her his hand should she want to get off of his floor. "It's a clever ruse darling, if my carpet were comfortable you would never leave." He winks at her tilting his head.

"For that you owe me two presents," Paige tells him cheekily, reaching for his hand to pull herself up. "Are we drinking? I think we should be drinking." She finally plants a kiss on his cheek by way of belated greeting. Standing apparently doesn't appeal to her today because she then wanders over to flop into his couch.

"You are going to cause me to go broke." Taliesin says as he watches her flop toward the couch after getting to her feet. "If you would like we can. How high on my shelf are we going? Is this get intoxicated as quickly as possible or enjoy the beverage you are drinking sort of drunk you're looking for?"

"Someone has to since you don't have a girlfriend to shower with gifts." Paige tilts her head to the side, thinking. "Somewhere in between, more towards enjoying the drink. I'm older now afterall, have to be mature about the drinking," she jokes.

"Yes because a girlfriend is the only thing a man should spend money on." Taliesin says dryly as he takes out his wand and flicks it toward his wet bar. The bottles pour themselves and are floted over to the both of them. "How about we start with a nice port and see where that gets us." He flops down on the couch next to her and smirks.

Paige just smirks at him, reaching for her glass once it is poured for her. "Sounds like a good start." She takes a sip, savoring the flavor for a moment before swallowing. "Not bad. So, how are you? Balls descended after the icy waters, I hope?"

Taliesin sips his as well and laughs at Paige's question. "Would you like to inspect them and find out?" He says slyly, but he knows the answer to that question. "Everything is funcitoning as it should be. What about you? How has your birthday been?"

"Nah, I'm good," Paige replies with a laugh. She settles back into the couch, making herself comfortable. "I'm good. Contemplating what it means to be a year older and all that bullshit," she tells him with a wink. "It's been good actually. Max had a birthday day planned for me which was fantastic. We went sledding. And the night of my birthday itself I went on a dinner cruise with Ronan, and now I am getting to see you, so no complaints from me."

"I stopped doing that years ago." Taliesin says with a smirk as he is a few years older than she is. "Well I am glad that I am at the tail end of your birthday, which means I am probably the person you want to spend it with the most." He winks, knowing that isn't true. "Though I am sure you and Ronan got up to some naked cuddling. At least I hope that Irishman is up to the task."

"Obviously, you were the first one I booked in," Paige tells him brightly before having another drink. She stretches her legs out over the couch, her feet landing in Tali's lap. "Mm, no. No naked cuddling yet. I'm still figuring all that out. I wasn't really expecting…him. You know? He asked me out and I said yes on a whim. And then he turned out to be rather different than I expected, so I am still trying to place it." She shrugs a bit, taking another sip and moving on. "What about you? Book finished?"

"Obviously." Taliesin says with an air of snobbery before he shakes his head. "Unfortunate, I was hoping to have a least a tinge of gossip from you." When her feet are planted in her lap, he does reach one hand down and start rubbing her feet. Only because it's her birthday! "Finished, edited and sent off to the printers. Sadly I had to nix the death of Armund, but I will kill him later. Editors be damned."

"Why is the only gossip I'm good for about shagging?" Paige says, poking him in the stomach with her toes before he starts rubbing her feet, which earns him a smile. "We went to a club where you can bang drums and get covered in paint? And I think I like him a bit. Does that count as gossip?" At the news of the book she nearly squeals. "Is it? That's great, Tali! I'm so happy for you. Too bad about Armund, but your fans will be happy I'm sure…for now." She smirks a bit. "So, now that you have free time, what's on the agenda? You're coming to a game I hope."

"Because you don't let me shag you so I have to at least imagine someone else doing it." Tali teases. "That club sounds a little too kinky for me, which is saying something. When she seems excited he shrugs, but puts on a brave face. "We will see how much it makes me, and then I can think about getting you multiple presents." When she asks about the game he sighs. "I suppose I can come. Just get me good seats, I do no want to sit with the unwashed masses. Maybe invite Ronan, so we can bond. I am keeping you if you two get divorced by the way."

"I'd be much too vanilla in bed for you," Paige tells him wryly. "Oh, it was great! The paint was neon and there were black lights so it splattered all over your clothes and it looked like everyone was some modern painting. I was a bit skeptical, but it was actually really fun. Beating the drums was very cathartic." She smiles more softly. "It'll be great. I'll make sure to mention it in my next interview." She nods after though, saluting him. "Yes, sir. Good seats it is. And…I suppose I could do that. Leaving you two alone together seems dangerous, though. But I'm glad you got on." She laughs. "Is that so? Just throwing me to the curb, huh? We're barely even dating so far so I think you're safe," she teases.

"Vanilla is still a flavor that I enjoy, and I am sure that in the end we could both entertain eachother for hours on end. The offer stands." It always has but Taliesin smirks as he is poked before reutnring to the foot rub. "I bet, it sounds like you had a lot of things you needed to beat drums over. Not that you tell me anything about your life." He winks. "Not to the curb, just carefurl social planning so I can see you both with out the other knowing about it."

"And ruin me for other men?" Paige laughs, teasing him and shaking her head. "But I'll keep it in mind for when I screw this one up," she adds with a wink. She blows him a small kiss from where she sits. "I'll tell you everything once I wrap my brain about it." Another small laugh follows. "Ah yes, because you're such an excellent social planner. Didn't you accidentally have two women show up at the same time, you told me? Or were you just trying for a threesome?" She takes another sip of her drink, watching Tali carefully. "Anyone interesting in your life at the moment that I don't yet know about?"

"Of course. I would get a thrill knowing that you would be screaming my name while you are with other men." Tali chuckles as he sips from his glass. "Very well, keep your secrets." He says with a dismissive wave. "I was not trying for a threesome, I was succeed8ng at hav8ng a threesome. However it backfired, they liked eachother better than they liked me, and I think they are getting married soon." Her last question makes him shake his head. "When have I had time? I keep catering to your whims."

Paige just laughs, poking him in the side with her toes. His story makes her groan through her laughter. “We need to find you a nice girl to take your wicked ways,” she teases before giving him a look. “You better not be using me as an excuse, mister. Or I will start setting you up on blind dates,” she threatens with a small smirk.

"Why?" Taliesin says as his voice grows a little bitter. "What is the need for me to settle down? Who would actually tolerate my months of seclusion while I write a book? Who am I going to find that would be okay with my flavor of research? Everyone wants me to settle into a role I will not be happy in and refuses to let me live in peace."(edited)

“Who said anything about settling down?” Paige replies with a softer smile. She pulls her legs back and scoots over on the couch to sit next to him, wrapping an arm around him. “But that doesn’t mean you can’t have someone to share a bit more of it with than just your bed.” She leans over and plants a friendly kiss on his cheek. “But as long as you’re happy.”

"That's what finding a nice girl translates to. Trust me I am an expert in that phrase." Tali says with a frown. "That's all I need right now, just friends in bed, everything else is too complicated." He leans into the cheek kiss and reaches over to give her shoulder a squeeze.

“Fine, fine,” Paige concedes. “No more telling you to find a nice woman.” She reaches to poke at the frown lines on his forehead. She finishes off her drink, holding it out to Tali for a refill. “Ah yes, because friends in bed never becomes complicated,” she teases him. She will wait til her drink is refilled before settling more neatly into the couch beside him, resting her head on his shoulder. “/Have/ you ever been in love?” She asks curiously. “I’m not sure you’ve ever told me.”

"It rarely does. I am not saying it never gets complicated, just less." When she asks that loaded question, he broody for a second before he answers. "Yes of course i have. I would not write about something I know nothing of. It went poorly and I am not in a rush to get into thawt mess again." He says with a tone of finality.

"For me it always gets complicated," Paige tells him with a grin, though he clearly already knows that. She gives him a squeeze as he explains, "Oh Tali, why didn't you tell me?" She takes another sip of her drink before clinking the glass against his. "We clearly need to drink more." Which is what they do. And talk, and probably drink some more, late into the night.


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