Hugh Wright


A stocky man with a shaggy mop of dark brown hair that sticks out at odd angles. His face has become a bit rounder and worn with age and care, but his hazel eyes still regard the world with warmth.

Perpetually rumpled is Hugh’s state of being. At any given time he looks as though he could have fallen out of bed. His clothes are usually wrinkled, mis-buttoned and occasionally dusted with flour.


Name: Hugh Alan Wright

Age: 35

Birthday: June 12, 1951

House: Hufflepuff, Alumnus

Occupation: Baker, self-employed

Hugh’s family was a warm, close-knit one. He’s the middle son of Walter and Edna Wright. His father worked in the Administration Registration Department of the Ministry of Magic and his mother was full time homemaker. His older brother is named Donald (Donny) and his younger brother is Bernard. Though they grew up in a modest home, they lacked for nothing and were very happy.

From a young age Hugh was interested in baking and cooking in general. He could often be found helping his mother in the kitchen. It wasn’t until his school years that he got a glimpse how grand bakes could be. His first feast at Hogwarts was eye-opening. He often snuck away to the kitchens to pester the house elves with questions about how things were prepared and to watch the goings-on. During breaks Hugh pestered his mother and gran to teach him all the family recipes and found ways to use his skills in potions and charms to better his baking skills.

Hugh loved the social parts of Hogwarts. He excelled at sports and making friends but found it difficult to focus on studying when he didn’t deem the subject interesting. He was likely to pour focus and attention into pranks and ‘frivolous’ past times instead of studies. If asked, he would say that the best part of his time at school was meeting his wife, Elaine. It took him the better part of two years to convince her to date him. Once they were together, though, it was clear to everyone around them that they were in it for the long haul. The pair were married shortly after graduation and opened a bakery together. Hugh did all the baking and Elaine did the books and shop management. She had a better head for numbers and logistics.

In February of 1978 Emily Jane was born. For a time, Hugh and Elaine were the happiest they had ever been. Even with the worry of He Who Must Not Be Named hanging over their heads and the attacks that were going on throughout London, they were able to carve out their own bit of happiness. It wasn’t until Fall of 1980 that it all came crashing down around their heads. During an attack on Diagon Alley by Death Eaters Elaine was killed and the bakery suffered some damage. The bakery has since been repaired, but Hugh was left with a gaping hole in his life. Today he manages it and raising his daughter as best he can. Thankfully, he has the rest of his family to lend a hand on occasion.

Blood Status: Mixed

Wand: 12½” Cedar, unicorn hair core. Somewhat flexible.

OWL Scores:
Potions: O, Charms: O, Transfiguration: E, Defense Against the Dark Arts: A, Astronomy: A, Herbology: E, History: A, Divination: P, Care of Magical Creatures: A

NEWT Scores:
Potions: O ,Charms: O ,Transfiguration: E , Herbology: O

Astronomy – 1
Charms – 6
Defense Against the Dark Arts – 3
Herbology – 7
History of Magic – 1
Potions – 6
Transfiguration – 5
Care of Magical Creatures – 3
Divination – 1
Art – 2
Crafting (Cooking/Baking) – 8

Languages: English

Hugh Wright

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